The next big “-den” name: Bladen, Dreyden, Graden, Payden

Jayden, Aidan, Caden, Braden and Hayden (and their many variants) are well-established on the list of the top U.S. baby names. Zayden and Raiden have joined the rankings recently as well.

Which “-den” name will be next to pop up on the list?

Well, the Sacred Heart Medical Center in Eugene, Oregon welcomed a baby Graden on April 5 and a baby Dreyden on May 2. Benefis Healthcare in Great Falls, Montana welcomed a baby Bladen on May 22 and a baby Payden on March 11. Those are some possibilities. And I wouldn’t be too surprised to see a Sladen, Tayden or Treyden on the list, either.

It’s likely that Xayden will show up at some point, but I’m not sure it should count as an entirely new “-den” name. (If you pronounce the X like a Z, it’s a variant of Zayden; if you pronounce the Z like an H, it’s a variant of Hayden.)

So which “-den” would you put your money on? Why?

Update: Just spotted a Blayden, born on May 6th at St. Joseph Hospital in Washington state.

18 thoughts on “The next big “-den” name: Bladen, Dreyden, Graden, Payden

  1. This trend does seem to be endless. As a serious guess, I’d say Vaiden or Vraiden. I’m also sure that something like Maiden or Playden (play den) or Sadden or Wadin’ (Ouadin?) may show up. (Poor Treyden – What’s he/she being traded for?)

  2. my husband and i just had a baby in january 2008 and we named him Treyden!!! what an awesome name…i know!!!! :)

  3. I had a baby on May 20th 2008 and named him TREYDEN also. Its young and hip-dont hate the name because its not michael or john…thanks!

  4. haley!! awesome!!! i love the name it’s totally appropriate and unique….even though you stole my name haha j/k! nice name and good taste…dont hate on it….anyone!!!!!!

  5. I’m surprised to find this hype about the ‘den’ names – it never occurred to me that anyone had taken notice. I do feel that the Tayden name is mine though……since I named my son in April of 2000! Does anyone know a Tayden that was named prior to 2000???

  6. I have a boy named Bladen….born in 2004. I think this was at the beginning of the ‘en’ trend! I have not met or heard of anyone else naming their son Bladen. Brayden is common, but not Bladen.

  7. Sorry Patti, I have a Bladen and he was born in 1991. Yes, he is about to turn 18 and I can honestly say that I thought I had started a trend. I actually named him after my best friend whose last name is Bladen. I lve the name just as much today as I did 18 years ago.

  8. My oldest sons name is Dreyden, he is 15. At the time he was born it was a very unusual name. His name came about because we couldn’t decide between 2 names so we combined them to create his name. He loves his name since he doesn’t know anyone else with that name!

  9. It’s nice to hear of other Bladens…Pat, I named my son after my great, great, great grandmother who’s last name was Bladen. My great uncle also had it as a second name. It’s nice to have the name mean something to you by naming after someone you know or a family connection isn’t it. I’m sure I will love the name just as much when my Bladen is 18 as well!!! It’s funny that we also have the same name and both have a son named Bladen! Are you a Patricia? That’s my real name. You don’t happen to have a partner/husband named Ron do you? :-) Have you met any other Bladen’s while your son was growing up?

    And yes, Lou….you definitely win the Bladen contest! LOL

  10. I named my daughter Payden and am very pleased with the name. Loved the name Hayden but was starting to hear it a lot and we just wanted something a little more unique. I played around with different “den” names. Rayden, Kayden, Jayden but came to just love my “made up” name of Payden. I’ve learned that she is not the only one though. I guess Peyton is very popular right now too because I’ve been hearing that a lot lately so when I tell people how hers is different everyone seems to like it a little more because it is different. I read that Payden is chosen more for boys and I don’t really get that. It’s pretty unisex I suppose but it just fits my daughter so perfectly. I love all these kinds of plays off the ending of “den”. Before long they’ll be just as common as John or Mary.

  11. Patti,
    Yes, my name is Patricia but my husband is Mike. It is funny though. I actually have heard of one other Bladen, and ironically he is the same age as my son, moved across the road from my uncle in Tennessee, moved there from Florida and the really funny thing is, he came from the same area in Florida that my friend lives who my son was named after.It really is a small world. My Bladen has been such a joy and as I am preparing to send him off to college, I am not looking forward to empty nest syndrome.

  12. Wow!! I thought my son (born Aug 2003) was the only Bladen!! My husband and I still had not agreed on a name by the time I was 8 months along. Then one day on my way to the Dr. I passed an old dirt road, Bladen Rd. And I called my husband and told him I had the perfect name!! We both LOVED the sound of it and decided on it right then and there. I know it’s a little different (to say the least) for a child (my child) to have been named after a dirt road, but hey, we LOVE it!! lol

  13. I named my first born son Vaiden on June 10th, 2004. I had no idea the -den trend was growing or that these names existed at that time. My fathers name is Victor, mine is Vincent and I was looking for an original 3rd V for the line. Vaiden is an original and strong name, and best of all he likes it :)

    Vince. Alberta Canada

  14. Ive never heard the name Blaiden before but June 2010 I named my son Blaiden Rant Adams. :) and ive yet to ever meet one or see one.

  15. @ Tara, My little man is also named Blayden… & he also came about after a street name lol….

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