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Baby Name Story – Sufficient

In October, 1910, Frederick Crombie of Waukegan, Illinois named his sixth child and fourth daughter Sufficient.

Why? Here’s what he had to say about it:

I am not referring to the old sawsufficient unto the day is the evil thereof,’ because I am a good Roosevelt man, but six children for a man in my circumstances is rather piling it on and–well, sufficient, and that is why we named the baby ‘Sufficient.’ That will be plenty, thank you, unless I inherit a fortune or get a good raise in pay.

This story reminds me of the twins named Fennis and Fenise, whose names were based on the Latin word finis, meaning “end.”

What do you think of the name Sufficient?

Source: “Sixth Baby “Sufficient.”” Reading Eagle 25 Oct. 1910: 4.

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P.S. Former NBA player Fennis Dembo and his twin sister Fenise were the last of 11 children. They were named by their oldest sister, Zona, who thought the family had grown large enough at that point and (rather cleverly) suggested baby names based on the word finis. (Source: