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Road Trip Roundup: Gutzon

Just outside of Keystone, South Dakota, we saw Mount Rushmore.

The man who created the monument? Gutzon Borglum:

Gutzon Borglum bust

The sculptor was born to Danish immigrants in frontier Idaho in 1867. His full birth name was John Gutzon de la Mothe Borglum.

Some sources say that Gutzon is Danish for “good son,” though I don’t know if this is true.

Gutzon and his second wife Mary had two children: Lincoln, named for Abraham Lincoln, and Mary Ellis, aka “Mel” (reminds me of Maginel).

[What’s this road trip all about?]

The Minor Mystery of Maginel

I recently learned that actress Anne Baxter had three daughters: Katrina, Melissa and Maginel. Katrina and Melissa are names I’d seen before, but Maginel was new to me. So of course I had to dig a little deeper.

Turns out Maginel’s name is pronounced with a hard g. She was named after a great aunt who was known as Maginel–a contracted form of Maggie Nell, which was short for Margaret Ellen.

Great Aunt Maginel was the younger sister of famed architect Frank Lloyd Wright, Anne Baxter’s grandfather. (Talk about an impressive family tree!)

Her streamlined nickname reminds me of Melvil, which is the way librarian Melville Dewey used to spell his first name.


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