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Over 100 baby names for 100 years of the Walt Disney Company

The characters Minnie Mouse and Mickey Mouse in the animated short film "Plane Crazy" (1928)
Minnie and Mickey in “Plane Crazy

Did you know that The Walt Disney Company has a birthday coming up?

On October 16, 2023, Disney will mark its 100th anniversary. (I learned this while working on last month’s post about Davy Crockett.)

Let’s celebrate the upcoming centennial with more than 100 Walt Disney-inspired baby names. Just to make things interesting, all of the names below refer to Disney-related people, places, things, and events from the pre-television era.

Walter, Walt, and Elias
Walter, Walt, and Elias for animator and businessman Walter Elias “Walt” Disney, who was born in 1901. His middle name was passed down from his father, Elias C. Disney. Here are the popularity graphs for Walt, Walter, and Elias.

Kaycee for Kaycee Studio, Walt’s first animation studio. It was named after its location, Kansas City — “K.C” for short. Here’s the popularity graph for Kaycee.

Newman for the Newman Laugh-o-Grams, Walt’s first animated films, which aired exclusively at the Newman Theater in Kansas City starting in early 1921. Here’s the popularity graph for Newman.

Jack for the Laugh-o-Gram shorts Jack and the Beanstalk and Jack the Giant Killer, both from 1922. Here’s the popularity graph for Jack.

Goldie for the Laugh-o-Gram short Goldie Locks and the Three Bears, also from 1922. The name Goldie was used again (for an elf) in the future Disney short The Golden Touch (1935). Here’s the popularity graph for Goldie.

Alice for the Alice Comedies, a series of short films in which a live-action girl named Alice interacts with cartoon characters in an animated landscape. The first short, the unfinished Alice’s Wonderland, was created in Kansas City. Here’s the popularity graph for Alice.

The real-life character Alice in the animated short film "Alice's Wild West Show" (1924)
Alice in “Alice’s Wild West Show

In the summer of 1923, after Walt’s second studio (Laugh-o-Gram) went bankrupt, Walt moved to Los Angeles, California.

Margaret for businesswoman Margaret J. Winkler, who agreed to distribute Walt’s proposed Alice Comedies series. The contract was signed on October 16, 1923. Here’s the popularity graph for Margaret.

Roy for Roy O. Disney, who, with Walt, co-founded the Disney Brothers Cartoon Studio (later The Walt Disney Company) upon the finalization of the distribution deal. Here’s the popularity graph for Roy.

Virginia for child actress Virginia Davis, who originated the role of Alice. Her family relocated to California so that she could appear in 14 more films. Here’s the popularity graph for Virginia.

Margie and Lois
Margie and Lois for child actresses Margie Gay and Lois Hardwick, who played Alice in later films. Here are the popularity graphs for Margie and Lois.

Julius for Julius the Cat, a recurring character in the Alice Comedies. Here’s the popularity graph for Julius.

Pete for Peg Leg Pete, a villain who first appeared in Alice Solves the Puzzle (1925). He has since become Disney’s oldest recurring character. Here’s the popularity graph for Pete.

Kathleen for artist Kathleen Dollard, the studio’s first hire. Here’s the popularity graph for Kathleen.

Oswald for character Oswald the Lucky Rabbit, who was created in 1927 (by Universal Pictures) to star in a new series of animated films, the first 26 of which were animated by Walt’s company. Here’s the popularity graph for Oswald.

The character Oswald the Lucky Rabbit in the animated short film "Rival Romeos" (1928)
Oswald in “Rival Romeos

In 1928, the businessman who owned the rights to Oswald decided to create his own animation studio and produce the Oswald cartoons himself. He even hired away several of Walt’s animators.

It was a major setback, as Walt’s studio had already created more than two dozen successful Oswald films. But Walt refused to give up. Soon enough, he came up with an idea for a new character — a mouse!

Mickey and Minnie
Mickey and Minnie for characters Mickey Mouse and Minnie Mouse. They technically first appeared in the short Plane Crazy (May 1928), but their first wide-release appearance was in Steamboat Willie. Here are the popularity graphs for Mickey and Minnie

Willie for the short Steamboat Willie (Nov. 1928). One of the first cartoons to synchronize sound and animation, it was an immediate hit. The name Willie was used again in the future Disney short Willie the Operatic Whale (1946). Here’s the popularity graph for Willie.

Charlotte for seamstress Charlotte Clark, who designed and sold the first Disney-approved Mickey Mouse dolls. Here’s the popularity graph for Charlotte.

Charlotte Clark label on a Mickey Mouse doll (1930s)
Charlotte Clark doll label

Walt’s studio not only continued making Mickey Mouse films, but also began another series of films, Silly Symphonies, which introduced a slew of new characters.

Horace for character Horace Horsecollar, who first appeared in the short The Plowboy (1929). Here’s the popularity graph for Horace.

Adeline for “Sweet Adeline,” the song that Mickey (and a pair of alley cats) performed for Minnie in the short The Karnival Kid (1929). Mickey Mouse spoke his first words in this cartoon. Here’s the popularity graph for Adeline.

Clarabelle for Horace’s love interest, Clarabelle Cow, who first appeared in the short The Shindig (1930). Here’s the popularity graph for Clarabelle.

Pluto for Mickey Mouse’s dog, Pluto the Pup, who first appeared in the short The Chain Gang (1930). His name, inspired by the recently discovered planet Pluto, was first used in The Moose Hunt (1931). Here’s the popularity graph for Pluto.

Vance for actor Vance “Pinto” Colvig, the original voice of both Pluto and Goofy. Here’s the popularity graph for Vance.

Fifi for Pluto’s love interest, Fifi the Pekingese, who first appeared in the short Puppy Love (1933). Here’s the popularity graph for Fifi.

Donald for character Donald Duck, who first appeared in the short The Wise Little Hen (1934). Here’s the popularity graph for Donald.

Clarence for actor Clarence Nash, the original voice of Donald Duck. Here’s the popularity graph for Clarence.

Morty and Ferdie
Morty and Ferdie for Mickey Mouse’s nephews, Morty and Ferdie Fieldmouse, from the short Mickey’s Steam Roller (1934). Here are the popularity graphs for Morty and Ferdie.

Clara for character Clara Cluck, the operatic chicken who first appeared in the short Orphan’s Benefit (1934). Here’s the popularity graph for Clara.

Peter and Polly
Peter and Polly for characters Peter and Polly Penguin from the short Peculiar Penguins (1934). The name Peter was used again in the future Disney short Peter and the Wolf (1946). Here are the popularity graphs for Peter and Polly.

Bianca for artist Bianca Majolie, the studio’s first female employee in the Story department (as opposed to the Ink and Paint department). Here’s the popularity graph for Bianca.

Max and Toby
Max and Toby for characters Max Hare and Toby Tortoise, rivals first featured in the Oscar-winning short The Tortoise and the Hare (1935). Here are the popularity graphs for Max and Toby.

Ambrose (or Butch)
Ambrose (or Butch) for the kitten named Ambrose (who aspired to be a bandit called “Butch”) in the short The Robber Kitten (1935). Here are the popularity graphs for Ambrose and Butch.

Jenny for Donald Duck’s burro, Jenny, who first appeared in the short Mickey’s Polo Team (1936). The name Jenny had also been used in the unrelated 1935 short Who Killed Cock Robin? Here’s the popularity graph for Jenny.

Elmer and Tillie
Elmer and Tillie for characters Elmer Elephant and Tillie Tiger from the short Elmer Elephant (1936). The name Elmer had also been used in the unrelated 1934 short Mickey Plays Papa. Here are the popularity graphs for Elmer and Tillie.

Mortimer for character Mortimer Mouse from the 1936 short Mickey’s Rival. (Did you know that Walt’s original name for Mickey Mouse was “Mortimer Mouse”? His wife Lillian convinced him to use the name Mickey instead.) Here’s the popularity graph for Mortimer.

Monty and Abner
Monty and Abner for characters Monty Citymouse and Abner Countrymouse from the Oscar-winning short The Country Cousin (1936). Here are the popularity graphs for Monty and Abner.

Donna for Donald Duck’s first girlfriend, Donna Duck, from the short Don Donald (1937). Here’s the popularity graph for Donna.

Hortense for the insatiable ostrich Hortense in the short Donald’s Ostrich (1937). Here’s the popularity graph for Hortense.

Snow for Snow White, the lead character from the studio’s first feature-length film, Snow White and the Seven Dwarfs (1937). This was the first animated feature in history “to receive a wide, Hollywood-style release.” Here’s the popularity graph for Snow.

Seven for the seven dwarfs from Snow White. Here’s the popularity graph for Seven.

Marge for dancer Marge Champion, the real-life model for Snow White. She was also the model for other Disney characters, including the Blue Fairy in Pinocchio. Here’s the popularity graph for Marge.

Adriana for actress and singer Adriana Caselotti, the voice of Snow White. Here’s the popularity graph for Adriana.

Lucille for actress Lucille La Verne, the voice of the Evil Queen from Snow White. Here’s the popularity graph for Lucille.

Moroni for actor Moroni Olsen, the voice of the Magic Mirror from Snow White. Here’s the popularity graph for Moroni.

Larry and Frank
Larry and Frank for songwriters Larry Morey and Frank Churchill, who created the song “Someday My Prince Will Come” for Snow White. Here are the popularity graphs for Larry and Frank.

Huey, Dewey, and Louie
Huey, Dewey, and Louie for Donald Duck’s nephews, who first appeared in the short Donald’s Nephews (1938). Here are the popularity graphs for Huey, Dewey, and Louie.

Tailor for the Mickey Mouse short Brave Little Tailor (1938). Here’s the popularity graph for Tailor.

Ferdinand for the pacifist bull Ferdinand from the Oscar-winning short Ferdinand the Bull (1938). Here’s the popularity graph for Ferdinand.

Wilbur for Goofy’s pet grasshopper, Wilbur, from the short Goofy and Wilbur (1939). Here’s the popularity graph for Wilbur.

Gus for the gluttonous goose Gus in the short Donald’s Cousin Gus (1939). The name Gus was used again (for a mouse) in the future Disney movie Cinderella. Here’s the popularity graph for Gus.

Dickie for child actor Richard “Dickie” Jones, the voice of the lead character from the studio’s second feature-length film, Pinocchio (1940). Here’s the popularity graph for Dickie.

Blue for the Blue Fairy, the character who brought Geppetto’s puppet to life in Pinocchio. Here’s the popularity graph for Blue.

Evelyn for actress Evelyn Venable, the voice of the Blue Fairy from Pinocchio. Here’s the popularity graph for Evelyn.

Cleo for Geppetto’s pet goldfish, Cleo, from Pinocchio. Here’s the popularity graph for Cleo.

Leigh and Ned
Leigh and Ned for songwriters Leigh Harline and Ned Washington, who created the song “When You Wish Upon a Star” for Pinocchio. Here are the popularity graphs for Leigh and Ned.

Cliff for actor and singer Clifton “Cliff” Edwards, the voice of Jiminy Cricket from Pinocchio. Here’s the popularity graph for Cliff.

Daisy for Donald Duck’s second girlfriend, Daisy Duck, who first appeared in the short Mr. Duck Steps Out (1940). Here’s the popularity graph for Daisy.

Fantasia for the studio’s third feature-length film, Fantasia (1940). The movie’s title comes from the musical term fantasia, which refers to a musical composition without a traditional or fixed form. Here’s the popularity graph for Fantasia.

Fred for animator Fred Moore, who redesigned Mickey Mouse for the character’s feature-length film debut in Fantasia. Here’s the popularity graph for Fred.

Leopold for conductor Leopold Stokowski, who conducted the classical music in Fantasia. Here’s the popularity graph for Leopold.

Giles for character Sir Giles, the elderly knight from the studio’s fourth feature-length film, The Reluctant Dragon (1941). Here’s the popularity graph for Giles.

Timothy for the character Timothy Q. Mouse from the studio’s fifth feature-length film, Dumbo (1941). Here’s the popularity graph for Timothy.

Bambi and Faline
Bambi and Faline for characters Bambi and Faline from the studio’s sixth feature-length film, Bambi (1942). Here are the popularity graphs for Bambi and Faline.

Tyrus for Chinese-American animator Tyrus Wong, whose sketches inspired the impressionistic style of Bambi. Here’s the popularity graph for Tyrus.

Retta for animator Retta Scott, the first female animator to receive screen credit on a Disney animated feature (Bambi). Here’s the popularity graph for Retta.

José for character José Carioca, the dapper parrot who first appeared in the studio’s seventh feature-length film, Saludos Amigos (1943). Here’s the popularity graph for José.

Pedro for character Pedro, the anthropomorphic mail plane from Saludos Amigos. Here’s the popularity graph for Pedro.

Chip and Dale
Chip and Dale for characters Chip and Dale, the mischievous chipmunks who first appeared in the short Private Pluto (1943). Here are the popularity graphs for Chip and Dale.

Pablo for character Pablo, the warmth-seeking penguin from the studio’s ninth feature-length film, The Three Caballeros (1945). Here’s the popularity graph for Pablo.

Pauline for character Pauline from the short Duck Pimples (1945). Here’s the popularity graph for Pauline.

Cedric and Esmeralda
Cedric and Esmeralda for characters Cedric and Esmeralda from the short A Knight for a Day (1946). Here are the popularity graphs for Cedric and Esmeralda.

Henry and Grace
Henry and Grace for characters Henry and Grace, the feuding newlyweds from the studio’s 10th feature-length film, Make Mine Music (1946). Here are the popularity graphs for Henry and Grace.

Lulubelle for character Lulubelle from the studio’s 12th feature-length film, Fun and Fancy Free (1947). Here’s the popularity graph for Lulubelle.

Anita for singer Anita Gordon, the voice of the Golden Harp in Fun and Fancy Free. Here’s the popularity graph for Anita.

Alfred and Elma
Alfred and Elma for husband-and-wife wildlife filmmakers Alfred and Elma Milotte, who created Disney’s True-Life Adventures documentary series, starting with the Oscar-winning On Seal Island (1948). Here are the popularity graphs for Alfred and Elma.

Jeremiah for character Jeremiah Kincaid from the studio’s 14th feature-length film, So Dear to My Heart (1949). Here’s the popularity graph for Jeremiah.

Danny for Jeremiah’s pet lamb, Danny, from So Dear to My Heart (1949). The lamb was named after champion racehorse Dan Patch. Here’s the popularity graph for Danny.

Bobby for child actor Robert “Bobby” Driscoll, who played Jeremiah in So Dear to My Heart. Bobby also played the part of Jim in Treasure Island. Here’s the popularity graph for Bobby.

Luana for child actress Luana Patten, who played Tildy in So Dear to My Heart. Here’s the popularity graph for Luana.

Marceline for the town of Marceline, Missouri. Though set in Indiana, So Dear to My Heart was strongly influenced by Walt’s childhood experiences in Marceline. Here’s the popularity graph for Marceline.

Melody for the studio’s 13th feature-length film, Melody Time (1948). Here’s the popularity graph for Melody.

Bill and Sue
Bill and Sue for characters Pecos Bill and Slue-Foot Sue from Melody Time. Here are the popularity graphs for Bill and Sue.

Angus and Thaddeus
Angus and Thaddeus for characters Angus MacBadger and J. Thaddeus Toad from the studio’s 15th feature-length film, The Adventures of Ichabod and Mr. Toad (1949). Here are the popularity graphs for Angus and Thaddeus.

Brom and Katrina
Brom and Katrina for characters Brom Bones and Katrina Van Tassel, also from The Adventures of Ichabod and Mr. Toad. Here are the popularity graphs for Brom and Katrina.

Cinderella for the lead character from the studio’s 16th feature-length film, Cinderella (1950). Here’s the popularity graph for Cinderella.

Ilene for actress and singer Jacqueline Ruth “Ilene” Woods, the voice of Cinderella. Here’s the popularity graph for Ilene.

Verna for actress Verna Felton, the voice of the Fairy Godmother from Cinderella. Here’s the popularity graph for Verna.

Treasure for the studio’s 17th feature-length film, Treasure Island (1950). This was Disney’s first entirely live-action movie. Here’s the popularity graph for Treasure.

Jim for character Jim Hawkins from Treasure Island. Here’s the popularity graph for Jim.

Humphrey for character Humphrey the Bear, who first appeared in the short Hold That Pose (1950). Here’s the popularity graph for Humphrey.

Disney’s pre-television era ended in December of 1950, when NBC aired Walt Disney’s first TV production — a Christmas special called One Hour in Wonderland, hosted by Walt himself.

Which of the names above do you like best?

P.S. Today happens to be the 68th anniversary of Disneyland, which opened in 1955 on July 17.



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Girl names beyond the top 1,000 of 2022


Have you seen any of the girl names beyond the U.S. top 1,000 yet? If not, here’s the next thousand for you.

Last year, the 1,000th most popular girl name in the U.S. was Kahlani, given to 260 babies. After that, we find…

1,001st to 1,100th

Jazlynn, 259
Kynlee, 259
Raquel, 259
Tallulah, 258
Jaycee, 257
Kaisley, 257
Maylee, 257
Nataly, 257
Leylani, 256
Lilia, 256
Esperanza, 255
Haylee, 255
Ruthie, 255
Clare, 254
Kailey, 254
Etta, 253
Paisleigh, 253
Essence, 252
Tori, 252
Dana, 251
Ellen, 251
Kaya, 251
Eleanora, 250
Memphis, 250
Crystal, 249
Libby, 249
Tilly, 249
Xena, 249
Zola, 248
Austyn, 247
Emani, 247
Landry, 247
Layan, 247
Reya, 246
Aura, 245
Ayra, 245
Indy, 245
Kimora, 245
Viola, 245
Loyalty, 244
Nathalie, 244
Seraphina, 244
Shea, 244
Whitney, 244
Ayah, 243
Clarissa, 243
Jaylee, 243
Kiera, 242
Lyanna, 242
Giavanna, 241
Soraya, 241
Ailany, 240
Cordelia, 240
Guadalupe, 240
Jaylin, 240
Mattie, 240
Mazikeen, 240
Arden, 239
Dania, 239
Ellison, 239
Giulia, 239
Rubi, 239
Celina, 237
Mazie, 237
Renee, 237
Tara, 237
Amyra, 236
Lizbeth, 234
Maelynn, 234
Amethyst, 233
Aniya, 233
Elouise, 233
Violette, 233
Arisbeth, 232
Ayana, 232
Corinne, 232
Darcy, 232
Everley, 232
Nairobi, 232
Addyson, 231
Emmaline, 231
Ivana, 230
Jillian, 230
Miah, 230
Sandra, 230
Spencer, 230
Micaela, 229
Aminah, 228
Ansley, 228
Ann, 227
Kathleen, 227
Majesty, 227
Winifred, 227
Addisyn, 226
Agnes, 226
Colbie, 226
Harleigh, 226
Solana, 226
Aleia, 225
Claudia, 225

1,101st to 1,200th

Melani, 225
Desiree, 224
Frida, 224
Ida, 224
Ingrid, 224
Malka, 224
Yuna, 223
Hailee, 222
Zyla, 222
Adela, 221
Alisha, 221
Beverly, 221
Patricia, 221
Aiyana, 220
Jaelynn, 220
Yusra, 220
Aliah, 219
Andie, 219
Jewel, 219
Khadija, 219
Braylee, 218
Kollyns, 218
Meghan, 218
Harriet, 217
Raylee, 217
Rhiannon, 217
Christine, 216
Devyn, 216
Elani, 216
Yaritza, 215
Avyanna, 214
Keziah, 214
Marcella, 214
Riya, 214
Aarya, 213
Avani, 213
Jana, 213
Kailany, 213
Kalia, 213
Kodi, 213
Gianni, 212
Miller, 212
Taliyah, 212
Vayda, 212
Abril, 211
Arizbeth, 211
Elowen, 211
Marian, 211
Micah, 211
Quincy, 211
Sia, 211
Dalilah, 210
Evelina, 210
Jhene, 210
Korra, 210
Sonia, 210
Aislinn, 209
Maliah, 209
Betty, 208
Ariadne, 207
Kamora, 207
Paityn, 207
Arely, 206
Janessa, 206
Kaylie, 206
Lettie, 206
Lillianna, 206
Perla, 206
Rae, 206
Ripley, 206
Susan, 206
Cara, 205
Dixie, 205
Karlee, 205
Brynley, 204
Dina, 204
Elayna, 204
Amia, 203
Kyleigh, 203
True, 203
Emberlyn, 202
Emi, 202
Kacey, 202
Leena, 202
Ryder, 202
Ayanna, 201
Aylani, 201
Jaelyn, 201
Jovi, 201
Jubilee, 201
Kinsleigh, 201
Novaleigh, 201
Patience, 201
Aarna, 200
Adrienne, 200
Alyson, 200
Amal, 200
Amiah, 200
Ariadna, 200
Heavenly, 200

1,201st to 1,300th

Wrenleigh, 200
Darla, 199
Ellery, 199
Farrah, 199
Honey, 199
Kingsley, 199
Sharon, 199
Zahara, 199
Addie, 198
Annabella, 198
Evalyn, 198
Honesty, 198
Mirha, 198
Valencia, 198
Zoie, 198
Blessing, 197
Jayde, 197
Jaylene, 197
Lianna, 197
Aleyna, 196
Gaia, 196
Karen, 196
Mariella, 196
Mollie, 196
Zarah, 196
Alba, 195
Annalee, 195
Campbell, 195
Ira, 195
Amiya, 194
Beatrix, 194
Carsyn, 194
Leilah, 194
Madalynn, 194
Nathaly, 194
Aida, 193
Angeline, 193
Antonia, 193
Dalary, 193
Kiyomi, 193
Liz, 193
Robyn, 193
Rylynn, 193
Carolyn, 192
Ciara, 192
Kaylin, 192
Margaux, 192
Mercedes, 192
Salome, 192
Wendy, 192
Cassie, 191
Londynn, 191
Zaira, 191
Aranza, 190
Marlene, 190
Raylynn, 190
Rori, 190
Roslyn, 190
Aanya, 189
Emmalynn, 189
Erika, 189
Lailani, 189
Riverlynn, 189
Ainara, 188
Kassandra, 188
Lavender, 188
Noel, 188
Rilynn, 188
Vivianna, 188
Akira, 187
Azul, 187
Brenda, 187
Jalani, 187
Lorena, 187
Marjorie, 187
Meera, 187
Miya, 187
Myah, 187
Neveah, 187
Tatiana, 187
Kaleah, 186
Ariela, 185
Eleni, 185
Zaya, 185
Dariana, 184
Imogen, 184
Montana, 184
Rayleigh, 184
Aylah, 183
Ehlani, 183
Ivey, 183
Nayla, 183
Rebeca, 183
Rue, 183
Ailyn, 182
Chiara, 182
Kyndall, 182
Bernadette, 181
Kaycee, 181
Kya, 181

1,301st to 1,400th

Lesly, 181
Lindsey, 181
Sailor, 181
Emberlee, 180
Heather, 180
Saniyah, 180
Danica, 179
Giada, 179
Karely, 179
Lailah, 179
Lorraine, 179
Marissa, 179
Sana, 179
Yuri, 179
Zia, 179
Leela, 178
Maizie, 178
Maple, 178
Rita, 178
Siya, 178
Debanhi, 177
Evalynn, 177
Joselyn, 177
Moriah, 177
Venus, 177
Austin, 176
Finnley, 176
Liah, 176
Odette, 176
Vaeda, 176
Xochitl, 176
Bryleigh, 175
Carmella, 175
Erica, 175
Evaluna, 175
Kadence, 175
Mariela, 175
Althea, 174
Ameera, 174
Arwen, 174
Elara, 174
Emilie, 174
Journei, 174
Khari, 174
Sally, 174
Inaaya, 173
Montserrat, 173
Tenley, 173
Brinlee, 172
Isha, 172
Juana, 172
Karma, 172
Renley, 172
Ayesha, 171
Romy, 171
Alisa, 170
Esmae, 170
Maisyn, 170
Onyx, 170
Zinnia, 170
Alannah, 169
Annette, 169
Faigy, 169
Maelyn, 169
Milah, 169
Serafina, 169
Symphony, 169
Alaiyah, 168
Carson, 168
Elinor, 168
Janae, 168
Maribel, 168
Roxanne, 167
Rya, 167
Sterling, 167
Emeri, 166
Katerina, 166
Kaylynn, 166
Kit, 166
Lucie, 166
Yael, 166
Anita, 165
Carina, 165
Kenya, 165
Mireya, 165
Renesmee, 165
Sidney, 165
Adilynn, 164
Atlas, 164
Jenny, 164
Julietta, 164
Kalea, 164
Kelani, 164
Lori, 164
Raine, 164
Jazzlyn, 163
Jurnee, 163
Martina, 163
Silvia, 163
Alessa, 162

1,401st to 1,500th

Denise, 162
Maryjane, 162
Mika, 162
Queen, 162
Rain, 162
Adina, 161
Azari, 161
Cambria, 161
Selina, 161
Laken, 160
Dafne, 159
Elissa, 159
Emilee, 159
Journie, 159
Rowen, 159
Stacy, 159
Ziva, 159
Asiya, 158
Carlee, 158
Joan, 158
Joey, 158
Kailyn, 158
Adilene, 157
Adira, 157
Anayah, 157
Avaya, 157
Kamilla, 157
Maite, 157
Navi, 157
Nelly, 157
Walker, 157
Eliette, 156
Farah, 156
Pepper, 156
Prisha, 156
Rosalind, 156
Roselynn, 156
Susanna, 156
Tillie, 156
Kinzley, 155
Zella, 155
Aryah, 154
Grecia, 154
Jalayah, 154
May, 154
Wrenly, 154
Zadie, 154
Laine, 153
Mirabel, 153
Valkyrie, 153
Alyvia, 152
Eliyanah, 152
Laramie, 152
Lilyanna, 152
Pia, 152
Avalyn, 151
Ireland, 151
Keidy, 151
Milagros, 151
Shoshana, 151
Sofie, 151
Amarah, 150
Caylee, 150
Chava, 150
Janie, 150
Kristina, 150
Blessyn, 149
Gitty, 149
Gwyneth, 149
Jasmin, 149
Mari, 149
Tabitha, 149
Aimee, 148
Alex, 148
Cristina, 148
Emmarie, 148
Fern, 148
Kaira, 148
Liya, 148
Marlie, 148
Theresa, 148
Britney, 147
Dara, 147
Nadine, 147
Skylynn, 147
Yasmine, 147
Hollyn, 146
Inara, 146
Lucero, 146
Safiya, 146
Samiyah, 146
Ziya, 146
Anniston, 145
Briley, 145
Isadora, 145
Kamille, 145
Melania, 145
Sherlyn, 145
Sybil, 145
Aiza, 144

1,501st to 1,600th

Alara, 144
Alya, 144
Damaris, 144
Geneva, 144
Yelena, 144
Yuliana, 144
Cooper, 143
Ema, 143
Kasey, 143
Zya, 143
Adalie, 142
Jael, 142
Karolina, 142
Nila, 142
Reem, 142
Adara, 141
Anaiah, 141
Eila, 141
Jersey, 141
Kayleen, 141
Kenley, 141
Tinley, 141
Aracely, 140
Blayke, 140
Kaelyn, 140
Kapri, 140
Yoselin, 140
Anyla, 139
Areli, 139
Aryanna, 139
Cherish, 139
Leni, 139
Nailah, 139
Sanai, 139
Shayla, 139
Stori, 139
Annelise, 138
Hensley, 138
Iyanna, 138
Izzy, 138
Kailee, 138
Liyana, 138
Merritt, 138
Petra, 138
Tala, 138
Zeynep, 138
Amilia, 137
Ester, 137
Kaelynn, 137
Karlie, 137
Nechama, 137
Addalyn, 136
Clarke, 136
Jaylynn, 136
Jupiter, 136
Keilany, 136
Larissa, 136
Monserrat, 136
Suri, 136
Wilhelmina, 136
Winry, 136
Zion, 136
Annabel, 135
Ashly, 135
Aubri, 135
Chevelle, 135
Diya, 135
Elly, 135
Linnea, 135
Naia, 135
Naila, 135
Noelani, 135
Calla, 134
Emori, 134
Harlyn, 134
Khadijah, 134
Kianna, 134
Klara, 134
Letty, 134
Mayra, 134
Zaina, 134
Aashvi, 133
Adalina, 133
Adhara, 133
Asia, 133
Ayva, 133
Estela, 133
Nicolette, 133
Shirley, 133
Violetta, 133
Yaneli, 133
Asha, 132
Blakelynn, 132
Daylin, 132
Diamond, 132
Elyana, 132
Malak, 132
Adore, 131
Brayleigh, 131
Cecily, 131

1,601st to 1,700th

Dua, 131
Kalina, 131
Kollins, 131
Laynie, 131
Noelia, 131
Paulette, 131
Sahara, 131
Alessi, 130
Ally, 130
Avalon, 130
Baila, 130
Bentley, 130
Camden, 130
Carmela, 130
Eris, 130
Geraldine, 130
Gisselle, 130
Juno, 130
Maeva, 130
Mariyah, 130
Naveah, 130
Noella, 130
Rivky, 130
Tahlia, 130
Tyler, 130
Delia, 129
Dottie, 129
Evangelina, 129
Hollis, 129
Jayden, 129
Kynslee, 129
Laia, 129
Lidia, 129
Romi, 129
Shanaya, 129
Storm, 129
Wesley, 129
Xolani, 129
Aira, 128
Aryana, 128
Harlem, 128
Jude, 128
Kari, 128
Khalia, 128
Namari, 128
Safa, 128
Sedona, 128
Zylah, 128
Aleyah, 127
Alissa, 127
Ayat, 127
Bayleigh, 127
Beckett, 127
Irie, 127
Kelsie, 127
Reece, 127
Rihanna, 127
Sheila, 127
Sunnie, 127
Amaria, 126
Amariah, 126
Eisley, 126
Katarina, 126
Marlow, 126
Rosalynn, 126
Shyla, 126
Stormy, 126
Yarely, 126
Echo, 125
Kinsey, 125
Kylah, 125
Milania, 125
Natalee, 125
Yvette, 125
Addalynn, 124
Amya, 124
Breanna, 124
Dalila, 124
Delani, 124
Gema, 124
Jordynn, 124
Kalayah, 124
Lincoln, 124
Tegan, 124
Temperance, 124
Amberly, 123
Daenerys, 123
Delanie, 123
Georgiana, 123
Janiya, 123
Joslyn, 123
Leticia, 123
Lois, 123
Macey, 123
Skylah, 123
Aviva, 122
Brisa, 122
Emry, 122
Ever, 122
Kaci, 122

1,701st to 1,800th

Karmen, 122
Keeley, 122
Malky, 122
Priya, 122
Rhylee, 122
Sama, 122
Saphira, 122
Sunday, 122
Yazmin, 122
Caitlyn, 121
Cirilla, 121
Courtney, 121
Dalett, 121
Denisse, 121
Judy, 121
Julianne, 121
Magdalene, 121
Marlo, 121
Regan, 121
Ameerah, 120
Arie, 120
Constance, 120
Haizley, 120
Lakyn, 120
Marion, 120
Ahlani, 119
Amor, 119
Ashton, 119
Belinda, 119
Edie, 119
Eiza, 119
Fatimah, 119
Hafsa, 119
Honor, 119
Irina, 119
Jessa, 119
Kenzley, 119
Lane, 119
Liza, 119
Louella, 119
Nyah, 119
Tamara, 119
Addelyn, 118
Alaysia, 118
Blakeleigh, 118
Brenna, 118
Mileena, 118
Raleigh, 118
Rio, 118
Zari, 118
Zhavia, 118
Abrielle, 117
Amerie, 117
Audrina, 117
Cattleya, 117
Charity, 117
Jehilyn, 117
Koa, 117
Kristen, 117
Lindsay, 117
Maura, 117
Nell, 117
Tania, 117
Yamilet, 117
Agatha, 116
Arlene, 116
Ashanti, 116
Coral, 116
Divine, 116
Empress, 116
Estefany, 116
Milly, 116
Vivien, 116
Amaira, 115
Blakelyn, 115
Emme, 115
Gentry, 115
Hermione, 115
Jailyn, 115
Kamiya, 115
Lotus, 115
Marcela, 115
Maven, 115
Yesenia, 115
Zamora, 115
Aoife, 114
Calista, 114
Daria, 114
Emmi, 114
Nahla, 114
Nirvana, 114
Odessa, 114
Rosemarie, 114
Sonya, 114
Arlett, 113
Bryanna, 113
Danika, 113
Elana, 113
Elsy, 113
Hudson, 113

1,801st to 1,900th

Isela, 113
Iva, 113
Mahogany, 113
Nariah, 113
Nuri, 113
Nya, 113
Sahana, 113
Samadhi, 113
Aavya, 112
Adalia, 112
Dolly, 112
Harlie, 112
Isis, 112
Italy, 112
Kaila, 112
Kaliah, 112
Laikyn, 112
Madyson, 112
Margarita, 112
Tia, 112
Avril, 111
Bennett, 111
Cori, 111
Eunice, 111
Indiana, 111
Iqra, 111
Jahzara, 111
Karis, 111
Lillith, 111
Marwa, 111
Oriana, 111
Saira, 111
Vivianne, 111
Yehudis, 111
Zaynab, 111
Angely, 110
Brynnlee, 110
Charlene, 110
Evalina, 110
Evelin, 110
Halston, 110
Hartley, 110
Ines, 110
Isra, 110
Jocelynn, 110
Leora, 110
Maylin, 110
Mckayla, 110
Sidra, 110
Annaleigh, 109
Asher, 109
Bowie, 109
Bryn, 109
Iman, 109
Jaleah, 109
Kaelani, 109
Legaci, 109
Marin, 109
Nami, 109
Taya, 109
Alanis, 108
Anali, 108
Arizona, 108
Armoni, 108
Devorah, 108
Eleanore, 108
Lizeth, 108
Lua, 108
Madden, 108
Madisson, 108
Mildred, 108
Sury, 108
Taelynn, 108
Alita, 107
Dailyn, 107
Darlene, 107
Georgie, 107
Heidy, 107
Jacquelyn, 107
Jamila, 107
Jaslyn, 107
Preslee, 107
Shai, 107
Shannon, 107
Tess, 107
Ashtyn, 106
Audriana, 106
Bracha, 106
Danae, 106
Elif, 106
Estefania, 106
Isabell, 106
Jireh, 106
Kaori, 106
Krystal, 106
Layna, 106
Makena, 106
Rayla, 106
Sheyla, 106
Zelie, 106

1,901st to 2,000th

Blanca, 105
Haddie, 105
Litzy, 105
Luana, 105
Lucinda, 105
Maritza, 105
Misha, 105
Nour, 105
Rochel, 105
Rumi, 105
Ailen, 104
Asma, 104
Cienna, 104
Kailynn, 104
Keylani, 104
Marli, 104
Ridley, 104
Santana, 104
Story, 104
Yana, 104
Adaleigh, 103
Audra, 103
Carleigh, 103
Eimy, 103
Graciela, 103
Hawa, 103
Haya, 103
Janet, 103
Lux, 103
Rhyan, 103
Tamia, 103
Verity, 103
Alaska, 102
Anabella, 102
Arayah, 102
Ayda, 102
Blakelee, 102
Charm, 102
Claira, 102
Isa, 102
Maddox, 102
Millicent, 102
Perry, 102
Raeleigh, 102
Aadya, 101
Alanah, 101
Brynnleigh, 101
Cindy, 101
Donna, 101
Emberleigh, 101
Emmalee, 101
Izabel, 101
Janyla, 101
Josephina, 101
Lenna, 101
Lynlee, 101
Natalya, 101
Pippa, 101
Elliette, 100
Hadassa, 100
Abriella, 99
Alaiah, 99
Anderson, 99
Aylen, 99
Brighton, 99
Dawn, 99
Ela, 99
Elanor, 99
Elysia, 99
Gina, 99
Inez, 99
Katrina, 99
Kenzlee, 99
Lennyn, 99
Prudence, 99
Rynlee, 99
Shae, 99
Susana, 99
Toni, 99
Unique, 99
Adaia, 98
Aries, 98
Camellia, 98
Cosette, 98
Dayanna, 98
Debora, 98
Glory, 98
Kinzlee, 98
Lela, 98
Lula, 98
Maverick, 98
Melek, 98
Navya, 98
Raizy, 98
Samaira, 98
Zamira, 98
Alanni, 97
Charly, 97
Deanna, 97
Ellia, 97

See anything you like?

Source: SSA

Image: Adapted from Scattered stars in Sagittarius by ESA/Hubble under CC BY 4.0.

How did “The Real World” influence baby names?

Title of the TV series "The Real World" (1992-2019)
“This is the true story…of seven strangers…picked to live in a loft…and have their lives taped…”

Several months ago, the cast of the inaugural season of MTV’s The Real World held a 6-day reunion in the very same NYC loft they shared back in 1992. The reunion — which was filmed, of course — is now airing as a series on the Paramount+ platform. (Here’s the trailer.)

When I was a teenager, I loved watching The Real World. (And I appreciated that the names of the cast members were always prominently displayed in the opening credits!) So I think now would be a great time to go back and see if any Real World cast member names had an influence on U.S. baby names.

First, let’s start with a comprehensive list of all the cast member names from each of RW‘s 33 (!) seasons…

  1. The Real World: New York (1992): Andre, Becky, Eric, Heather, Julie, Kevin, Norman
  2. The Real World: California (1993): Aaron, Beth (x2), David, Dominic, Glen, Irene, Jon, Tami
  3. The Real World: San Francisco (1994): Cory, Jo, Judd, Mohammed, Pam, Pedro, Puck, Rachel
  4. The Real World: London (1995): Jacinda, Jay, Kat, Lars, Mike, Neil, Sharon
  5. The Real World: Miami (1996): Cynthia, Dan, Flora, Joe, Melissa, Mike, Sarah
  6. The Real World: Boston (1997): Elka, Genesis, Jason, Kameelah, Montana, Sean, Syrus
  7. The Real World: Seattle (1998): David, Irene, Janet, Lindsay, Nathan, Rebecca, Stephen
  8. The Real World: Hawaii (1999): Amaya, Colin, Justin, Kaia, Matt, Ruthie, Teck
  9. The Real World: New Orleans (2000): Danny, David, Jamie, Julie, Kelley, Matt, Melissa
  10. The Real World: Back to New York (2001): Coral, Kevin, Lori, Malik, Mike, Nicole, Rachel
  11. The Real World: Chicago (2002): Aneesa, Cara, Chris, Keri, Kyle, Theo, Tonya
  12. The Real World: Las Vegas (2002-2003): Alton, Arissa, Brynn, Frank, Irulan, Steven, Trishelle
  13. The Real World: Paris (2003): Ace, Adam, Chris, Christina, Leah, Mallory, Simon
  14. The Real World: San Diego (2004): Brad, Cameran, Charlie, Frankie, Jacquese, Jamie, Randy, Robin
  15. The Real World: Philadelphia (2004-2005): Karamo, Landon, Melanie, M.J., Sarah, Shavonda, Willie
  16. The Real World: Austin (2005): Danny, Johanna, Lacey, Melinda, Nehemiah, Rachel, Wes
  17. The Real World: Key West (2006): Janelle, John, Jose, Paula, Svetlana, Tyler, Zach
  18. The Real World: Denver (2006-2007): Alex, Brooke, Colie, Davis, Jenn, Stephen, Tyrie
  19. The Real World: Sydney (2007-2008): Ashli, Cohutta, Dunbar, Isaac, KellyAnne, Parisa, Shauvon, Trisha
  20. The Real World: Hollywood (2008): Brianna, Brittini, Dave, Greg, Joey, Kimberly, Nick, Sarah, Will
  21. The Real World: Brooklyn (2009): Baya, Chet, Devyn, J.D., Katelynn, Ryan, Sarah, Scott
  22. The Real World: Cancun (2009): Ayiiia, Bronne, CJ, Derek, Emilee, Jasmine, Joey, Jonna
  23. The Real World: D.C. (2009-2010): Andrew, Ashley, Callie, Emily, Erika, Josh, Mike, Ty
  24. The Real World: New Orleans (2010): Ashlee, Eric, Jemmye, McKenzie, Preston, Ryan (x2), Sahar
  25. The Real World: Las Vegas (2011): Adam, Dustin, Heather (x2), Leroy, Michael, Nany, Naomi
  26. The Real World: San Diego (2011): Alexandra, Ashley, Frank, Nate, Priscilla, Sam, Zach
  27. The Real World: St. Thomas (2012): Brandon (x2), LaToya, Laura, Marie, Robb, Trey
  28. The Real World: Portland (2013): Anastasia, Averey, Jessica, Johnny, Joi, Jordan, Marlon, Nia
  29. Real World: Ex-Plosion (2014): Arielle, Ashley (x2), Brian, Cory, Hailey, Jamie, Jay, Jenna, Jenny, Lauren, Thomas
  30. Real World: Skeletons (2014-2015): Bruno, Jason, Madison, Nicole, Sylvia, Tony, Violetta
  31. Real World: Go Big or Go Home (2016): CeeJai, Chris, Dean, Dione, Dylan, Jenna, Kailah, Sabrina
  32. Real World Seattle: Bad Blood (2016-2017): Anika, Anna, Jennifer, Jordan, Kassius, Katrina, Kimberly, Mike, Orlana, Peter, Robbie, Theo, Tyara, Will
  33. The Real World: Atlanta (2019): Arely, Clint, Dondre, Justin, Meagan, Tovah, Yasmin

The names in boldface line up with a discernible increase in baby name usage. (Other Real World names may have affected baby names as well, but it can be hard to tell when, say, a name is already common, or already on the rise.)

Here are details on all the boldfaced names, plus two more influential RW names (from seasons 6 and 18) that didn’t even belong to primary cast members.

  • The name Jacinda (from season 4; 1995) saw peak usage in 1996.
  • The name Flora (5; 1996) saw increased usage in 1997.
  • The name Kameelah (6; 1997) saw increased usage in 1998.
  • The name Syrus (6; 1997) saw increased usage in 1997.
  • The name Jason (6; 1997) was probably not affected, but the name of Jason’s girlfriend, Timber, saw increased usage in 1998.
  • The name Amaya (8; 1999) saw sharply increased usage in 1999 and 2000.
  • The name Kaia (8; 1999) saw increased usage in 1999.
  • The name Ruthie (8; 1999) saw increased usage in 1999.
  • The name Aneesa (11; 2002) saw peak usage in 2002.
  • The name Arissa (12; 2002-3) saw peak usage in 2003.
  • The name Brynn (12; 2002-3) saw sharply increased usage in 2003.
  • The name Irulan (12; 2002-3) debuted in the data in 2003.
    • It looks like she was named after the fictional character Princess Irulan from Frank Herbert’s Dune books…?
  • The name Trishelle (12; 2002-3) saw peak usage in 2004.
  • The name Mallory (13; 2003) saw increased usage in 2003 and 2004.
  • The name Cameran (14; 2004) saw peak usage in 2004.
  • The name Jacquese (14; 2004) both returned to the data and saw peak usage in 2004.
  • The name Johanna (16; 2005) saw increased usage in 2005.
  • The name Nehemiah (16; 2005) saw increased usage in 2005 and 2006.
  • The name Janelle (17; 2006) saw increased usage in 2006.
  • The name Svetlana (17; 2006) saw peak usage in 2007.
  • The name Colie (18; 2006-7) both returned to the data and saw peak usage in 2007.
  • The name Tyrie (18; 2006-7) saw peak usage in 2007.
  • The name of Tyrie’s girlfriend, Jazalle, debuted in 2007 and is a one-hit wonder so far.
  • The name Kellyanne (19; 2007-8) returned to the data in 2008.
  • The name Baya (21; 2009) saw sharply increased usage in 2009. In fact, Baya was one of the fastest-rising baby names of 2009.
  • The name Averey (28; 2013) saw peak usage in 2013.
  • The name Kassius (32; 2016-17) saw increased usage in 2017.

Of all the names above, which one(s) do you like most?

And, for all the Real World fans out there: which season(s) do you like most? :)

Source: The Real World (TV series) – Wikipedia

Numerology: Baby names with a value of 2

Baby names with a numerological value of 2

If you’re on the hunt for baby names with a numerological value of 2, you’re in luck! Because today’s post features hundreds of 2-names.

Before we get to the names, though — how do we know that they’re “twos” in numerology?

Turning names into numbers

Here’s how to calculate the numerological value of a name.

First, for each letter, come up with a number to represent that letter’s position in the alphabet. (Letter A would be number 1, letter B would be number 2, and so forth.) Then, add all the numbers together. If the sum has two or more digits, add the digits together recursively until the result is a single digit. That single digit is the name’s numerological value.

For instance, the letters in the name Aurora correspond to the numbers 1, 21, 18, 15, 18, and 1. The sum of these numbers is 74. The digits of 74 added together equal 11, and the digits of 11 added together equal 2 — the numerological value of Aurora.

Baby names with a value of 2

Below you’ll find the most popular 2-names per gender, according to the latest U.S. baby name data. I’ve further sub-categorized them by total sums — just in case any of those larger numbers are significant to anyone.

2 via 11

The letters in the following baby names add up to 11, which reduces to two (1+1=2).

Girl names (2 via 11)Boy names (2 via 11)
Adea, Fe, AiaAj, Ja, Cabe

2 via 20

The letters in the following baby names add up to 20, which reduces to two (2+0=2).

Girl names (2 via 20)Boy names (2 via 20)
Jade, Dana, Jia, Deja, Ara, HibaAbel, Adan, Gage, Kace, Jai, Ean, Chace, Jade, Fahad

2 via 29

The letters in the following baby names add up to 29, which reduces to two (2+9=11; 1+1=2).

Girl names (2 via 29)Boy names (2 via 29)
Aria, Alana, Diana, Nadia, Dania, Ann, Sia, Adina, Calla, Asha, Aira, Isa, Sade, Kacie, Aine, BeauBeau, Aidan, Dax, Khai, Isa, Lake, Eliab, Alek, Sai, Kael, Eian, Abiel, Aman

2 via 38

The letters in the following baby names add up to 38, which reduces to two (3+8=11; 1+1=2).

Girl names (2 via 38)Boy names (2 via 38)
Sadie, Alaina, Nina, Paige, Amina, Aisha, Cecelia, Hanna, Amani, Chaya, Noah, Analia, Aliana, Aleena, Halle, Jamie, Belen, Ocean, Kaya, Frida, Malka, Kaleah, Malak, Agatha, Naima, Keila, Kaeli, Rena, Dora, Nava, Elli, AlyNoah, Max, Bodhi, Jared, Jaime, Ocean, Jamie, Mike, Jair, Gadiel, Cayde, Deon, Isai, Craig, Asiah, Amare, Eddy, Oden, Amani, Bohdi, Ames, Glen, Aren, Naeem, Alpha, Ameen, Zach, Lipa, Nabil, Asael, Chaz, Kamal, Kaz

2 via 47

The letters in the following baby names add up to 47, which reduces to two (4+7=11; 1+1=2).

Girl names (2 via 47)Boy names (2 via 47)
Sarah, Kamila, Hallie, Rachel, Alora, Leona, Blaire, Reina, Adley, Capri, Iyla, Galilea, Jream, Birdie, Kaiya, Leanna, Renee, Ivana, Avani, Dalilah, Leilah, Liz, Jalani, Myah, Aylah, Maple, Althea, Khari, Juana, Raine, Cambria, Liya, Nadine, Ayat, Tegan, Macey, Amor, Belinda, Ines, Isra, Taya, Adaleigh, Jolee, Roma, Anjali, Banks, Malika, Amarie, Havana, Vaani, Klani, Legend, Kendal, Azara, Cambree, Adrian, Sahar, Taleah, Dearra, Enola, VaniaJohn, Isaiah, Adrian, Legend, Malachi, Omar, Cody, Banks, Damon, Callen, Shane, Zeke, Dario, Rex, Trace, Wes, Khari, Khaza, Crue, Darian, Ivaan, Gerald, Gus, Malaki, Aslan, Loki, Deklan, Arman, Canon, Avian, Deion, Viaan, Advik, Aris, Kota, Nigel, Jream, Jahari, Zaki, Amor, Kato, Tegan, Jhon, Conan, Hart, Maleek, Judge, Bauer, Caesar, Jamin, Khalan

2 via 56

The letters in the following baby names add up to 56, which reduces to two (5+6=11; 1+1=2).

Girl names (2 via 56)Boy names (2 via 56)
Ivy, Charlie, Norah, Aliyah, Selena, Elianna, Maisie, Armani, Lyra, Emmy, April, Dylan, Noemi, Marina, Arlet, Azaria, Khalani, Aubrie, Sariah, Nori, Sarahi, Kahlani, Haylee, Marian, Ayanna, Jovi, Cassie, Kenya, Denise, Zella, Blayke, Karlie, Noelia, Namari, Isis, Marwa, Alanis, Graciela, Camellia, Moira, Emoni, Kinlee, Arabelle, Hellen, Ananya, Ryla, Miyah, Ruhi, Amorah, Jailani, Kelis, Teigan, Klaire, Romee, Kyara, AnsleeLucas, Dylan, Nolan, Charlie, Felix, Oscar, Mario, Armani, Omari, Pierce, Zayd, Rohan, Yadiel, Jasiel, Will, Jacoby, Kilian, Malikai, Emmet, Davon, Xavi, Jovi, Wolf, Orin, Jordi, Kaito, Jaycob, Lathan, Orhan, Tahir, Damion, Damoni, Jahsiah, Hardy, Namari, Nyle, Ahron, Kayne, Musab, Abubakr, Dutch, Kayleb, Rion, Alexei, Kailer, Ammon, Walt, Arnav

2 via 65

The letters in the following baby names add up to 65, which reduces to two (6+5=11; 1+1=2).

Girl names (2 via 65)Boy names (2 via 65)
Eloise, Rylee, Isabelle, Palmer, Alondra, Carter, Freyja, Vienna, Bridget, Kelly, Zayla, Chandler, Lenora, Desiree, Marcella, Salome, Lorena, Emberlee, Heather, Carmella, Brinlee, Elissa, Damaris, Aracely, Ashly, Daylin, Alessi, Avalon, Rihanna, Shyla, Addelyn, Calista, Jahzara, Mildred, Dailyn, Raeleigh, Elanor, Avaleigh, Ayzal, Aiyanna, Annabeth, Kenzi, Doris, Jaclyn, Seven, Haylen, Mindy, Devora, Kathy, Saraya, Alyza, Mayeli, Sanvi, Adilyn, Astraea, Larkin, Emorie, Jozie, Kirby, AinsleeCarter, Andrew, Javier, Prince, Collin, Uriel, Shawn, Conor, Chandler, Mylo, Dennis, Eliseo, Loyal, Seven, Lochlan, Reuben, Fisher, Ermias, Henrik, Stefan, Brett, Davion, Palmer, Benito, Kolby, Krish, Gannon, Tariq, Kelly, Rylee, Cosmo, Paulo, Radley, Mylan, Advaith, Dinero, Federico, Korben, Kaeson, Shlok, Daylin, Rivaan, Subhan, Demario, Hayze, Parks, Joniel, Jahsir, Dansby, Deondre, Rainer, Kirby, Ziyad

2 via 74

The letters in the following baby names add up to 74, which reduces to two (7+4=11; 1+1=2).

Girl names (2 via 74)Boy names (2 via 74)
Aurora, Madelyn, Audrey, Melody, Margot, Zuri, Lennon, Marley, Lucille, London, Daleyza, Camryn, Estella, Winnie, Zaylee, Penny, Paulina, Novalee, Giuliana, Lilyana, Laylani, Raquel, Landry, Elowen, Susan, Antonia, Robyn, Sailor, Lucero, Aryanna, Zamora, Sonya, Maylin, Natalya, Katrina, Acelynn, Maizy, Josey, Zalayah, Emelyn, SahilyJoshua, Easton, Myles, Jesus, Matteo, Messiah, Muhammad, Desmond, Axton, Lennon, Ryland, Tony, Larry, Byron, Cartier, London, Ramiro, Landry, Marley, Wiley, Rylen, Ziggy, Juelz, Agastya, Yakov, Fredrick, Deshawn, Wylie, Kysen, Camryn, Isidro, Gavriel, Nehemias, Mavrik, Jaxyn, Finnigan, Conley, Cross, Orrin, Lucifer, Korey, Demetri, Grayden, Oswald, Vikram, Willem, Jaysen, Sailor, Remmy, Yadriel, Ayush, Dhruva, Elwood

2 via 83

The letters in the following baby names add up to 83, which reduces to two (8+3=11; 1+1=2).

Girl names (2 via 83)Boy names (2 via 83)
Evelyn, Violet, Margaret, Catherine, Valery, Emmalyn, Giovanna, Addilynn, Memphis, Yuliana, Bentley, Kinsey, Jehilyn, Sury, Harmonie, Berkeley, Klover, Averly, WisdomJonathan, Jaxson, Bentley, Memphis, Alonzo, Shepherd, Forest, Judson, Coleson, Thatcher, Branson, Foster, Mattias, Markus, Milton, Zaylen, Brysen, Stephan, Roderick, Jetson, Stellan, Riggins, Kyron, Wisdom, Hershy

2 via 92

The letters in the following baby names add up to 92, which reduces to two (9+2=11; 1+1=2).

Girl names (2 via 92)Boy names (2 via 92)
Oaklynn, Sydney, Sylvie, Madilynn, Kaitlyn, Mckinley, Estrella, Marilyn, Sapphire, Everley, Heavenly, Rilynn, Vivianna, Lorraine, Journei, Journie, Rosalind, Kollins, Litzy, Rooney, Harlynn, Porter, Collette, Charlette, Aniston, OzzyJulius, Santino, Porter, Yusuf, Ozzy, Wilson, Salvador, Watson, Zakariya, Khyson, Tyrell, Avrohom, Morris, Lisandro, Jennings, Jarrett, Hamilton, Tyrese, Calloway, Leviathan, Juanpablo, Mckinley, Marvens, Tyron

2 via 101

The letters in the following baby names add up to 101, which reduces to two (1+0+1=2).

Girl names (2 via 101)Boy names (2 via 101)
Josephine, Murphy, Christina, Brynley, Wrenleigh, Kristina, Sherlyn, Jaylynn, Everlyn, Lynette, AllissonChristian, Tristan, Forrest, Murphy, Kristian, Garrison, Brentley, Jovanny, Binyomin, Rustin, Marquez

2 via 110

The letters in the following baby names add up to 110, which reduces to two (1+1+0=2).

Girl names (2 via 110)Boy names (2 via 110)
Loyalty, Stormy, Sullivan, Amaryllis, SparrowTimothy, Sullivan, Quinton, Youssef, Justus, Tristian, Alexzander, Octavius, Tyshawn, Joseluis

2 via 119

The letters in the following baby names add up to 119, which reduces to two (1+1+9=11; 1+1=2).

Girl names (2 via 119)Boy names (2 via 119)
Gwendolyn, Josselyn, Suttyn, Lovelynn, CarringtonKingstyn, Treyvon, Aristotle, Theodoros, Carrington

2 via 128

The letters in the following baby names add up to 128, which reduces to two (1+2+8=11; 1+1=2).

Girl names (2 via 128)Boy names (2 via 128)
Kensington, Scottlyn, Jazzlynn, Yuritzi, CourtlynVittorio, Remmington, Huckleberry, Quintrell, Florentino

Number 2: Significance and associations

What does the number two mean in numerology?

There’s no definitive answer, unfortunately, because various numerological systems exist, and each one has its own interpretation of the number two. That said, if we look at a couple of modern numerology/astrology websites, we see 2 being described as “diplomatic,” “cooperative,” “peaceful,” “gentle,” and “understanding.”

We can also look at associations, which are a bit more concrete. Here are some things that are associated with the number 2:

  • Hands
  • Feet
  • Eyes
  • Ears
  • Lungs
  • Chopsticks
  • Knitting needles
  • Complementary pairings (e.g., pen and paper, bow and arrow, peanut butter and jelly)
  • Dualities (e.g., day and night, yin and yang, war and peace)
  • Boxing (2 competitors; 2 fists)
  • Partner dancing
  • DNA double helix

What does the number 2 mean to you? What are your strongest associations with the number?

P.S. To see names with other numerological values, check out the posts for the numbers one, three, four, five, six, seven, eight, and nine.

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[Latest update: Jan. 2024]