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Popular baby names in Albania, 2019


I’ve never posted rankings for Albania before, so even though these are out-of-date — even more so than the Iowa rankings from earlier this week — I figured it would be better to have one set as opposed to nothing at all. :)

According to Albania’s Institute of Statistics (INSTAT), the most popular baby names in the country in 2019 were Amelia and Noel.

Here are Albania’s top 10 girl names and top 10 boy names of 2019:

Girl Names

  1. Amelia, 499 baby girls
  2. Ajla, 327
  3. Aria, 182 (tie)
  4. Amelja, 182 (tie)
  5. Leandra, 145
  6. Ambra, 144
  7. Klea, 121
  8. Melisa, 114 (tie)
  9. Amaris, 114 (tie)
  10. Reina, 104

Boy Names

  1. Noel, 402 baby boys
  2. Aron, 190
  3. Joel, 188
  4. Roan, 178
  5. Amar, 170
  6. Mateo, 146
  7. Alteo, 121
  8. Luis, 115 (tie)
  9. Roel, 115 (tie)
  10. Dion, 113

The following names didn’t make Albania’s top 10, but did rank #1 in at least one Albanian municipality:

Other top girl namesOther top boy names
Adela, Adriana, Ajsela, Alesia, Alesja, Alisja, Ariela, Arilena, Jasmina, Kostandina, Marilena, NataliaAjan, Albi, Albjon, Aleandro, Alesio, Alfjo, Alison, Amelio, Anesti, Angjelo, David, Denis, Enea, Ergi, Hristos, Mihal, Nezir, Rafael, Samuel, Xhoel

An article about Albanian baby names published several years ago mentioned that, in 2014, none of the top ten names of either gender were of Albanian origin. University of Tirana sociology professor Edmond Dragoti argued that the trendiness of foreign names could be traced back to the fall of communism in Albania because, during the communist era, such names had been banned. He explained:

All the frustration about [parents] not being able to name their children as they wished exploded after the 1990s, when Albania opened up. The unlimited and uncontrolled new freedom quickly surpassed the need for a national identity.

Sources: Emrat më të përdorur për bebet shqiptare në 2019-n! Para se të vendosësh shiko listën, Top 10 names used in the last year – INSTAT, Emrat e rinj – INSTAT, Craze For Foreign Names Alarms Albanian Patriots

Popular baby names in Liechtenstein, 2020


The tiny country of Liechtenstein — located in the Alps, between Austria and Switzerland — welcomed 188 baby girls and 165 baby boys in 2020. According to Liechtenstein’s Office for Statistics (Amt für Statistik), the most popular baby names in the German-speaking microstate were Sofia and Maximilian/Oscar (tie).

Here are Liechtenstein’s top girl names and top boy names of 2020:

Girl Names

  1. Sofia/Sophia, 7 baby girls
  2. Laura, 5
  3. Hanna/Hannah, 4
  4. Amélie/Amelie, Anna, Annika, Emma, Julia, Lina, Mia, Nina, Noemi, Nora, Sophie, and Valentina, 3 each [12-way tie]
  5. Alya, Amelia, Elena, Elisa/Eliza, Ella, Emilia, Estelle, Klara, Lara, Leonie, Letizia, Luisa, Malia/Maliyah, Mara, Melissa, Mina, Naomi, Noelia, and Paula, 2 each [19-way tie]

Boy Names

  1. Maximilian and Oscar/Oskar, 4 baby boys each [tie]
  2. Laurin, Leo, Lian/Lyan, Luis/Louis, Noah/Noa, and Theo, 3 each [6-way tie]
  3. Gustav, Henri, Ivan/Iwan, Lenny, Leon, Leopold, Matteo, Max, Muhamed/Muhammed, Nico, Nino, Noel, and Thiago/Tiago, 2 each [13-way tie]

(Lian, one of the 2nd-place boy names, is a German short form of Julian or Kilian.)

Liechtenstein also released the single-use baby names of 2020, which is very cool. All the names not accounted for above are in the table below:

Unique girl names (98)Unique boy names (113)
Adea, Adriana, Ahlam, Aitana, Alejna, Alenia, Alina, Ally, Alya-Su, Amina, Amy, Anastasia, Anely, Annalena, Anna-Rosa, Anouk, Aria, Ariana, Aslihan, Aurora, Bissan, Carolina, Cecilia, Chiara, Clea, Cora, Darija, Elenia, Elina, Elizabeta, Elizan, Elna, Eltea, Emanuela, Esîlya, Fabia, Farah, Fatima, Fjella, Georgie-Gisele, Gioia, Giulia, Helena, Ida, Ilenia, Iris, Irma, Ivy, Jamie, Joleen, Joya, Juna, Kaia, Katharina, Keysi, Ksenija, Lena, Leonor, Lilian, Liyana, Loredana, Lorena, Luana, Luena, Maeva, Malak, Maria, Maria-Luisa, Marie, Melina, Merle, Mia-Sophie, Miira, Mila, Mira, Naila, Natalia, Nayeli, Nelia, Nika, Riva, Rivanna, Romy, Ronja, Salima, Samira, Sandrina, Senada, Soley, Tajra, Teresa, Tina, Valérie, Viviana, Xoawa, Yara, Yesim, ZeynepAaron, Adrián, Aidan, Ajan, Alessandro, Alonso, Alp, Anas, Aril, Armon, Arthur, Aurel, Aurelio, Benedikt, Benjamin, Benno, Bruno, Christian, Christoph, Clark, Curdin, Cyano, Damiano, Danilo, Dante, Davide, Dominik, Eduardo, Elija, Elvis, Emanuel, Emil, Emilian, Emilio, Enes, Erian, Erion, Fabian, Federico, Finn, Gabriele, Giuliano, Hamza, Hazar, Hendrick, Jamie, Jan, Jari, Jeremias, Jérôme, Johannes, Jonah, Jonas, Jorel, Julian, Kentse, Kiano, Konstantin, Lauri, Leart, Levin, Liam, Liandro, Linus, Lio, Lionel, Lorent, Luan, Macgyver, Mahir, Majiid, Marco, Marius, Martim, Massimo, Mats, Maurice, Michael, Michele, Mike, Mikyas, Milan, Nael, Nando, Nawin, Neo, Nick, Nicolas, Niklas, Oliver, Omer, Paul, Philomeno, Pierangelo, Raffi, Ragnar, Redford, Rico, Ruben, Samuel, Sebastian, Tenzin, Tino, Tobias, Umut, Valentino, Valerio, Victor, Vito, Yakup, Yanis, Yuusuf, Zeno

Finally, since this is the first time I’m posting rankings for Liechtenstein, let’s throw in the country’s top baby names for the two previous years:

  • In 2019: Emma (9) and a four-way tie between Fabio, Leon, Matteo and Paul (4 each).
  • In 2018: Valentina (7) and a three-way tie between Ben, Leon, and Samuel (4 each).

Sources: Vornamenstatistik – Amt für Statistik (AS), Liechtenstein – Wikipedia, Behind the Name

Popular baby names in Hungary, 2020


According to data from the Hungary’s Ministry of the Interior, the most popular baby names in the country in 2020 were (again!) Hanna and Bence.

Below are Hungary’s top 10 girl names and top 10 boy names for each of the last four years (since 2016):

Girl Names


Boy Names


Finally, here are a few of the interesting names I noticed in Hungary’s recent top-100 lists (2017-2020):

  • Boróka (f), pronounced BO-ro-kaw , from the Hungarian word boróka, meaning “juniper.”
  • Csenge (f), pronounced CHENG-geh, derived from the Hungarian word cseng, meaning “to ring, clang.”
  • Csongor (m), pronounced CHONG-gor, possibly derived from a Turkic word meaning “falcon.”
  • Emese (f), pronounced EH-meh-sheh, possibly derived from the Finno-Ugric word eme, meaning “mother.”
    • This was the name of the grandmother of Árpád (845-907), considered by many Hungarians to be the founder of the country.
  • Hanga (f), pronounced HAWNG-gaw, from the Hungarian word hanga, meaning “heather.”
  • Szabolcs (m), pronounced SAW-bolch, of unknown meaning but possibly derived from a Slavic word meaning “marten.”

Sources: Statistics – Hungary’s Deputy State Secretariat for the Administration of the Ministry of the Interior, Behind the Name

Popular baby names in Finland, 2020

According to the Finnish Digital Agency, the most popular baby names in the country last year were Aino and Leo.

Here are Finland’s top 10 girl names and top 10 boy names of 2020:

Girl Names

  1. Aino, 276 baby girls
  2. Olivia, 252
  3. Sofia, 244
  4. Pihla, 239
  5. Aada, 237
  6. Eevi, 227
  7. Isla, 226
  8. Lilja, 220
  9. Helmi, 216
  10. Ellen and Ella, 206 each (tie)

Boy Names

  1. Leo, 356 baby boys
  2. Eino, 335
  3. Oliver, 326
  4. Elias, 323
  5. Onni, 308
  6. Väinö, 281
  7. Noel, 264
  8. Eeli, 228
  9. Toivo, 224
  10. Leevi, 207

In the girls’ top 10, Pihla and Isla replaced Emilia. (The name Pihla is based on the Finnish word pihlaja, meaning “rowan tree.”)

In the boys’ top 10, Toivo replaced Hugo.

Among Finland’s Swedish-speakers (about 5% of the population) the top baby names were Ellen and Emil.

In 2019, the top two names in Finland were also Aino and Leo.

Sources: Suosituimmat Etunimet (“Most Popular First Names”), Pihla – Behind the Name

Popular baby names in Finland, 2019

According to Finland’s Digital and Population Data Services Agency, the most popular baby names in the country last year were Aino and Leo.

Here are Finland’s top 10 girl names and top 10 boy names of 2019:

Girl Names

  1. Aino, 278 baby girls
  2. Aada, 271
  3. Sofia, 255
  4. Eevi, 254
  5. Olivia, 246
  6. Lilja, 238
  7. Helmi, 236
  8. Ellen, 228
  9. Emilia, 223
  10. Ella, 220

Boy Names

  1. Leo, 380 baby boys
  2. Elias, 344
  3. Oliver, 332
  4. Eino, 318
  5. Väinö, 310
  6. Eeli, 267
  7. Noel, 259
  8. Leevi, 249
  9. Onni, 241
  10. Hugo, 195

The top girl name, Aino — rhymes with rhino — means “the only one.” It’s a poetic variant of the Finnish word ainoa, meaning “only” or “sole.” The name was invented by writer Elias Lönnrot for a character in the 19th-century Finnish epic poem the Kalevala. Originally, the character had been nameless and referred to simply as “the only daughter” (aino tyttönen) or “the only sister” (aino sisko).

In the girls’ top 10, Lilja, Ellen, and Emilia replaced Venla, Emma, and Isla.

In the boys’ top 10, Hugo replaced Niilo.

Among Finland’s Swedish-speakers (5% to 6% of the total population) the top baby names are Saga and Emil.

The top two names in Finland were the same (Aino and Leo) back in 2017, but they changed to Eevi and Eeli in 2018.

Sources: Names – Digital and Population Data Services Agency, Aino (mythology) – Wikipedia, Aino – Wiktionary