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Baby Name Story – Petah

Yesterday’s post on Petal reminded me of Ani DiFranco’s daughter, Petah.

Ani (AH-nee) gave birth to Petah (PEE-ta) in early 2007. In an interview from later that year, Ani explained how she came up with the name:

When I was pregnant, we went to an art show at the Albright Knox Gallery in the modern art gallery in Buffalo, and we saw a show of a sculptor named Petah Coyne. Both me and my partner really dug her work. It was just really beautiful and visceral — alive. We both sort of took note, “Petah, that’s a cool name. Never heard that before.”

She was also drawn to Petah because it’s uncommon, much like her own name.

I thought I’d pass on that particular torture of nobody can say it, nobody can spell it — fun, fun, fun.

Do you like the name Petah? (Or, how about this: Do you like it more or less than Petal?)

Source: Ani DiFranco Loads Her ‘Canon’ With Politics and Love