Baby name story: Petal

I know of two Petals born in 2009. One belongs to chef Jamie Oliver, and the other belongs to Renée Soeterik and Boris Milinkovich of Toronto.

How did the latter Petal get her name? Well, Renee was taking a bath, Boris was brushing his teeth, and they were discussing baby names.

A vase of beautiful mixed flowers, from Boris – sent for no particular reason – sat on a ledge near Renée’s feet. A petal fell on her toe; she said “Petal.”

…and Petal’s what stuck.

Most people think the baby’s name is “charming and unique,” according to Renée, but a few have said it sounds like a stripper name.

What’s your opinion on Petal?

Source: A winter’s tale turns to a pretty, perfect Petal

6 thoughts on “Baby name story: Petal

  1. It sounds frail and kind of sad. :/ Falling petals signify that the flowers are dying – maybe I just feel this way as it’s on my mind as all our magnolias are losing their petals and I’m sorry it’s over for another year.

  2. It’s a gorgeous nickname, especially for a little girl. Still, I feel that a more substantial name would be better particularly when little Petal grows up.

  3. I think it’s utterly beautiful. It is very dainty and feminine, and I think it could age very well. And the story behind it is just to die for.

  4. I think it’s lovely, but probably better as a middle or nickname, though I don’t know what could be shortened to Petal… A floral name, especially Petunia, maybe? Or something like Penelope Tallulah? Also, the street I live on has the word/name Petal in it, so it would be kind of weird if I used it…

  5. No need to worry about little Petal when she grows up. I am now in my 40’s and I have been a Petal my entire life. In my youth , yes, it was annoying having to explain the name ; however, since I have gotten older and I am in a profession where I deal a lot with people…I can say everyone loves it….especially when they see me. I am always told , how fitting a name it is.

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