Where did the baby name Toccara come from in 1981?

Toccara perfume (from a TV commercial)
Toccara perfume

The baby name Toccara debuted very impressively in the U.S. baby name data in 1981. The name became so trendy in the early ’80s, in fact, that it managed to rank among the 1,000 most popular girl names in the nation for three years in a row.

  • 1984: 66 girls named Toccara
  • 1983: 158 girls named Toccara [rank: 942nd]
  • 1982: 358 girls named Toccara [rank: 541st]
  • 1981: 182 girls named Toccara [rank: 857th] [debut]
  • 1980: unlisted
  • 1979: unlisted

A number of spelling variants also got a boost around the same time…


(Tocarro was a one-hit wonder.)

Where did the name Toccara come from?

It can be traced back to an Avon perfume Toccara (pronounced toh-KAH-rah), which came out in 1981.

Toccara perfume set
Toccara perfume set

Toccara was marketed as “the world’s first renewable fragrance.” Here are the instructions, as per the Tocarra television commercial:

Spray it on, the mystery begins. Stroke the same place, even hours later, and release Toccara’s mystery all over again.

In accordance with the idea of renewing the perfume via touch, the Toccara’s name meant “to touch,” Avon said. The company didn’t specify what language it was drawing from, but I’d assume Italian, because the verb for “touch” in Italian is toccare (pronounced toh-KAH-ray) — very similar to Toccara.

After a few years, the fragrance was discontinued and usage of the name Toccara dropped off.

Graph of the usage of the baby name Toccara in the U.S. since 1880
Usage of the baby name Toccara

If you look closely at the popularity graph for Toccara, though, you’ll see a minor resurgence in usage a few decades later. What caused the 2005 mini-spike? A television show. Plus-size model Toccara Jones, born in 1981, was a contestant on America’s Next Top Model during the second half of 2004.

What are your thoughts on the name Toccara?


[Latest update: Apr. 2022]

74 thoughts on “Where did the baby name Toccara come from in 1981?

  1. If only I could find a website that would tell me what “Toccara” actually means!!

  2. I’m pretty sure it was created for the product. I will e-mail Avon this afternoon and see if they send me any more information.

  3. This is what I’ve heard back from Avon so far:

    Hello Nancy,

    I’ve read your message about the Toccara fragrance. My name is Natasha and I’m happy to help you.

    Since your comments or questions are somewhat complex and/or unique, we’ve had to forward them to another department. This may take some time to research, so we thank you for your patience. We’ll get back to you as soon as we have an answer.

    I’m sorry we can’t help you right now. But, please stay in touch. We always want to hear your questions and thoughts. And, of course, we’re here with all the product information you need.

    Avon Information Center

  4. Almost forgot to post this… I received another response a few weeks later:

    Hello Nancy,

    I’ve read your message about Toccara. My name is Cathy and I’m happy to help you.

    This fragrance was introduced in 1981, but we do not have any information on the origin of the name.

    I’m sorry we can’t help you right now. But, please stay in touch. We always want to hear your questions and thoughts. And, of course, we’re here with all the product information you need.

    Avon Information Center

  5. The name actually means “precious” or “treasure” in Japanese. It is also the feminine form of “to touch” in Italien. I learned both of these meanings in college. One of my dormmates was Japenese who told me the meaning. The other I learned on a trip to Rome.

  6. Thanks for the information, Toccara! Both the Italian verb toccare and the Japanese word takara are quite close to the perfume name. They seem like logical candidates for the original source of the name.

  7. Thanks for the info, Toccara. My name is Toccara as well and I always wondered what my name meant. My mom named me from the Avon perfume that came out in 1981… I’ll be 26 in a couple weeks and would love to find a bottle

  8. To think for a long time I thought I was the only one with this name. I’m also glad to finally know what my name means. There should be some special expo or something on all the Toccara’s out there, and we should all get a sample bottle of Toccara perfume. hehe.

  9. I learned alot of years ago that our name means Treasure as well as African Dancer. I love it , it’s very unique

  10. You know most of the Toccara’s I’ve heard of were born around those times listed, so that makes more since to me. My mom told that my aunt named me from an avon perfume called Toccara! I wonder what it smelled like?

  11. i too was named after the perfume but my mom changed it up. i didn’t know so many people were named after it. sept 1984.

  12. It means Life Renewed or Rebirth. The sent is ok, Kinda musky. Feb 82′ I go by my nickname TOKIE!

  13. I really didn’t know how popular my name was. I was born January 2, 1982 and I to was named after the unique fragrance. My name is just spelled with an a and pronounced like cara with ta in the front (Taccara). My grandmother named me and my mom said she was going to pronounce it differently because it was so popular. Nice to know I’m not the only (tocarra). Lol

  14. I am an Avon Representative, also named after the perfume. I guess it’s in my blood. I was born April 16, 1984 and when I grew up and I was told this, I have been looking for a bottle ever since!

  15. Yes ladies we have a very beautiful name that does mean precious and is prononced tak car rah in japanese the box that it used to come in was a midnigbht blue box with stars on it it was beautiful just like us i was born in april 1982

  16. ME AGAIN!! I ordered a bottle of Toccara perfume and bubble bath from Ebay!!! I finally found it!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

    ***Someone tried to outbid me..LOL***

  17. my name is also To’Carra…aug. 1983 baby I never knew it was that many To’Carras out here of course I have a little twist 2 my name….i have always heard its from perfume from avon but never knew what it meant we should form a Tocarra’s day or union type deal…that would be nice…anyway I know all you Tocarra’s out there are beautiful ladies…make some noise 4 us all..whew…hahaha

  18. I was just ask today what does Toccara mean! im not sure but i can bet it means success, beauty, queen, and fiesty…. I love my name it a blessing to have a wonderful name my mother realy nailed it!!!!

  19. I am very surprised that the person who worked for Avon could not give you the answer. But it is the Italian translation “to touch” that is applicable for the fragrance. The product had a talc base that when the scent began to diminish, you could simply touch it and it would refresh the fragrance without haviing to respray it. It was an absolutely wonderful scent that was not overpowering like many fragrances today and I was sorry to see it discontinued. The picture at the beginning of this post is for the cream, but the perfume bottle was really beautiful. Just some thoughts. Susanne

  20. My name is Toccara and i was born in Jan 82′ My aunt like the name and my mother name me this. I will really like to have a bottle of perfume. I go by the nick name is CARA. and i like my name so must that i named my kids after me. I have To’Kira, To’Darius, and To’Mira. :)

  21. I named mu great-neice T’Kara after the model Toccara from America’s Next Top Model. T’Kara was born July 21, 2007. She has 2 older sisters named Zharia(I named her) and Nasaura and their names, somewhat, rhyme. The 4th baby girl is on the horizon and I plan to name her Kharizma… GOD bless…..

  22. Its a little upsetting to see soo many other Toccaras, I thought I was special. But its okay. ( April 82) We are all special and I like to keep it that way. I actually have the perfume. It was my grandmother’s. My father named me after it. It is a little musty; not my type. But definitly original. I might have to try to find it on Ebay. I found it funny that out of all the listings, I seemed to find something similar in myself (outside of the name). Tokie up top, that is a nickname I was given at work. And one of my roommates in college named me T-Cal cuz she didn’t want to say my name full out. Being that my name is unique I’ve always decided if I have kids, of course they have to be different like their mother. Don’t want to go with the full name, but I’m thinking of Haven’t figured out how I want to spell it yet, but tryna keep the t-o-c’s going!

  23. So far I’m in the running with the spelling TOCCORA. All during my school days, the teachers never called my first name first, they always called my last name first. I was born 11/82. We ROCK ladies!!!!! My nick names are: CORA, Tookie, or CoCo. I’m glad to find out what our name really stands for. My mother’s bestfriend decided to change the spelling to make it a bit different.

  24. Hello everyone…it is amazing to share such a beautiful name with you all. I’m a January 5, 1982 baby, my mother and grandmother has been selling Avon for years and years to date, so that’s how I got my name.

    I find it so funny that we all have very similar story. Have a great day ladies!!

  25. I too am named Toccara(oct 1984) and always thought that I was the only person out there named Toccara until the girl from Top Model. I was also named for the perfume by my godmother and my nickname is Cara. I once had a chorus teacher tell me it meant “to touch” in italian but that’s about all I knew about it. Thanks for the info for my name.

  26. I am also named Toccara (may 1982) after the bottle from Avon. I didnt believe that my name was a bottle of perfume until my mother showed me a letter she recieved from avon that the perfume was being discontinue. I found out this name was popularin my Eighth grade math class when the teacher said Toccara and two other girls answered. And I was on poetry. com on day submitting a poem and there was another Toccara Brown on the too and we all spell our name the same way. Nick name I here cara, carrie, t.o. and T-cal but Tee is the post popular. I am so glad to finally find out what our name means and I would like to find a bottle of this perfume.

  27. hi every one as u know my name is toccara as well born in oct of 1983 yes today is my 26 birthday andi am pretty much like every one else names after a perfume bottle.butits all good its a beautiful name so lets all represent with good thing

  28. Born 0ctober 16, 1981 & was named after the Avon perfume…..I absolutely love my rare name.

  29. Hi my name is toccarra too i just wanting to say thank you i use to always think i was the only girl name that until i saw toccarra on t.v. i always wanted to know the meaning of it but could never find it so i say thank you also just to let my other toccarra know that the perfume did smell good my moms had kept some until i was 14 to see what it smell like & i think they should have kept that perfume

  30. I am really amazed at all the Toccara’s. I have always loved my name. We all have an awsome name, and I love the different ways it has been spelled. Obviosly my mother loves smell good. lol I have two fragrances for my name. BORN December 21 1981

  31. My husband named our daughter Toccara after i suggersted it. Its a wonderful name. a lot of the What does your name mean suggest Toccar is a feminine form of Thor.

  32. I was named after the perfume too..Sept 20 1983, so nice to finallt know what my name means…maybe we will start to see it on those little pens and license plates now…always wanted one of those but hey i had an uncommon last name….

  33. Well I to was name after the perfume…Born May 7,1982 I always thought I was one in a million but I see its lots of Toccara!!!It should be a national holiday The Toccara Day…………………

  34. Wow! I seriously thought I was the only one named after this perfume in the early 80’s. Too funny! As we all have similarities to the core. April 23, 1982 for me!! And my mother switched the letterings up as well..makes it more unique! lol! Had someone tell me the other day that Tacara sounds like the name of a goddess..Hey works for me! Chow ladies!!

  35. OMG…………….IT crazy seening that are more Toccaras’ then I thought. I really love my name and should I say (all of our names………. LOL) People always tell me that its such a beautiful name. My mother named me after the perfume sold by AVon (born August 1984) I lady ask me in my college courses what my name meantand thats what made me research…………..glad that I did.

  36. WOW,WOW,WOW…. So finally I have a clear answer, but i really had no idea there were soooo many Toccara’s out there. I too was named after the perfume (Oct 6, 1982), but for a long time that’s all I knew. I have the explanation of my (our) name meaning “Treasure” in Japanese
    Like most have said I am proud of my name and get plenty of compliments for name and many questions, but I dont mind what can I say it is an attention getter.

  37. Hello Ladies, My name is also Toccara, and for many years I thought that I was the only one. My mom (like the rest of you) got the name from the perfum from Avon. I was born December 21, 1981. I too love my name, Nobody (but my cousin) has the name where I grew up at. It wasn’t till recently I found out about another girl (a few years younger then me) that has the name also. This girl use to date the same guy I’m dating right now. That is creepy!!!!!

  38. Hi, My name is Toccara and I was born in 1981. I love my name so much. My grandparents still have so of the Toccara Avon Perfume. It smells so good. I simple love it.

  39. Wow I truely didn’t know I shared such a unique name with so many different people… My birth year 1985

  40. I’m so excited to be amongest some of the finest wome with the prettist name. I was born in 1982 and my mom also named me after the perfume from Avon so many years ago. I would love to find a bottle of the perfume. Just for keepsakes!!!!!!!!!!!

  41. I feel like I know you guys! Like some of you, I never knew my name’s meaning either! Everyone always says how pretty the name is and now I can tell them what it means.
    I’m Dec 2, 1983. Even though there are a lot of us, our name is still unique! 1982-84 ONLY! Great years birthed great ladies!

  42. Hi ladies! I see one other ‘toccara’ who shares my spelling, I think I’m the youngest here. Aug 1989. My name is spelt different because my mom like the perfume when she was 15years old but had me when she was 27 and simply forgot how it was spelled. haha I love my name though and it seems like most of us are extroverted fun people. Must be from all the attention ;) I never met another Tacara until my senior year of highschool, she transfered to my school from out of state (ironic of all the schools to end up at) She was a sophmore and was really snooty when she met me like I had offended her. Its nice to know we can come to terms with sharing our lovely name. I’m irish/welsh and so a funny thing that happens is when my boyfriend tells someone new about me they always assume I’m african because of my name :)
    I have the habit of overhearing people say ‘the car’ and I think they’re talking about me so my nic names include ‘la choche’ (spanglish for the car) others just call me ‘T’ or TC but it frequently gets pronounced ‘tack-er-uh” or “tah-sar-ah”

    This is the first i’ve heard of the italian dialect but I have had Spanish speakers tell me that my name translates to ‘too much’ aka ‘expensive’

    Sorry for the novel!

  43. Hi ladies. I’ve always wanted to know what my name Toccara meant. I too was born in the 80’s, 1986 actually. My mother also named me after the avon perfume. she actually has it, I believe she still has it. I smelled it before. It’s more like a spray powder with like a floral scent. It’s kinda reminiscent of a lot of older fragrances.
    When I was younger, I hated my name and wanted to change it to Lisa, but now that I’m older I found out it’s a little more common than I thought, and I think it’s a beautiful unique name, maybe I’ll pass it to my daughter or suggest it to another family member
    Overall I think it is a treasure to have this name

  44. OMG, Born 12/1/81. As you may have guessed, yes I was named after the perfume. My parents did not not know if I was going to be a boy or girl. The commercial came on while my mother was in labor and my father said, “that is HER name…”(thank goodness I was a girl :). Thanks daddy!!!! However my mother said the “perfume bottle was cute, but the perfume stank,” end quote.
    Gee mom…….:) Love you too:)

  45. Hey to all. I was also named after the perfume but my godmother changed the spelling.she said she loved the perfume but wanted my name to be unique. I was born aug. 1983. happy that there are so many of us.

  46. Hello to all of the Tacara’s out there. I am so so surprised to find out that there are so many, for a minute there i thought i was the only one. I get so many compliments on my name. THANKS MOM

  47. My name is Toccara Samuel.. I was born Nov 25, 1981 In South Carolina. It’s cool To know more people have the name Toccara. I only knew one girl in 2nd grade and her name was Toccara Flowers and we had to write Toccara S or F on our assignments when we turned them in so our teacher ( Ms. Swift) wouldn’t get us mixed up. Toccara F. moved away that same year :(… , and I’ve never met another Toccara or seen one until Top Model. I also was told I was name after the perfume from Avon produced in the 80’s. My mother was an Avon Representative, and now I am currently selling it. It’s weird because the color of the bottle is my favorite color, navy blue, and I never knew the color of the bottle till this year. To all the Toccara’s in the world Hello! And Toccara Flowers if you are out there, look me up on Facebook or something. So cool!

  48. I remember searching for names and on one site I found Tocara (spelled something like that) it meant Treasure I loved the name and so didn’t want my daughter to have some overly used name. So I replaced the o with an a and got her name… Glad that she’s not alone with her name and I still love it very unique and definitely fits my beautiful daughter :)

  49. I was born in ’89 and my mom named me after the Avon perfume, too. In Japanese, Toccara (Takara) means Treasure.

  50. My name is Toccara, too. I am shocked to see how many ladies have the name Toccara, I to for a long time thought I was the only one. I was born in 1983 and my mom said she named me from the Avon perfume. I to wondered what it meant. I went to Kings Dominion a couple of years ago, and found out that is is Latin for Victorious. They gave me a printout of our feelings. Like, we are understanding to others. Lighthearted and fun to be around. Has a witty personality. An indivdual who is very content. A lady respectful of others religion. She gives and asks nothing but a smile in return. She is an idealistic and imaginative lady. And does not let things get to her or her attitude. I am glad to have come across this website and I hope I was a help to you all, because you all helped me. Have a Blessed Day.

  51. i was born November 3rd 1993 and i am very surprised that there is so many ladies whose name is Tacarra, Toccara, etc. i have never seen so many in my life ( : but i am glad to see so many of you.

  52. I was born April 3, 1995 and my mother also named me after her favorite Avon perfume. Every doll she has ever own was named Toccarra, and over the years changed the spelling and everyone knew that her daughter was going to have this name. I love knowing that my name means precious and treasure. I love reading everyone posts.

  53. Hi, my name is Toccara and my mom named me after the Avon perfume too. She said it smelled great. I’ve been trying to find a bottle too but can’t. I was born in March 1982. My nicknames are Cara, T.C. and Feisty. I was surprised to see so many others with my name.

  54. Hi ladies, I too am a Tocarra, 11/13/82,baby! Even though people always say my name is pretty ,I have always hated my name, until now. It’s nice to see so many other beautiful,intelligent,and wonderful Tocarras from the 80s,out there.

  55. Hi! I’m Toccara my nick- name is Tokki and i was born in “81”!Love the name and meaning!

  56. Hi ladies! My name is Toccara as well. I thought I was the only one with the name as well but boy was I wrong! I was named after the perfume from Avon in June ’83. This is so exciting to find the orgin of my name and the fact that I share it with so many. I am curious to find the correct pronunciation of it. Is it like the model Toccara?

  57. Wow I was one of the ones named Toccara in 82!!! I never knew there was a gang of Toccara’s out here in the world, I actually had a bottle of the perfume in 99 my aunt worked for Avon and she found a bottle and shipped it to me. To be honest it was an alright smelling perfume but that’s just my opinion. It’s nice to here how all jf us received the name! It’s such a awesome name and the meaning behind the name made me feel special to carry it!!!

  58. It’s official!

    I’ve found the intended meaning of Toccara in various newspaper articles from late 1981. As many people above have mentioned, that meaning is “to touch.” I’m going to go add the details to the post…

    Mission accomplished!

  59. I thought it was fascinating to read about all the Tocarras out there. I would say it ‘toh CAHR uh’ but from some of the alternate spellings I’d guess some of you say it ‘tah CAHR uh’ without an o sound in it at all.

  60. I cant believe there’s more than a handful of people with this name! I too was named after the Avon perfume, my mom saved me the perfume and after 27yrs Isstill have it. My mom switched up the spelling on my name to match my last name (Tokar ). So yes my name is Tokara Tokar. Lol. So many people get confused when asked what my name is. It gets annoying sometimes but I love having a unique name. I’d love to chat with some of you, add me on Facebook!

  61. This is so cool! I am Toccara Karizma Loren Drucker Chrisman and was born February 3, 1982. I had no idea there were so many Toccara’s out there! And some of us share the same nicknames (Toc, Toke, Tokie). Even one of you ladies named your granddaughter Toccara and is naming the next one Karizma. What a crazy coincidence!! I feel so much love after reading this. It is so funny that we were all born around the same time. I too was named after the Toccara perfume, however my mom always told me it was derived from the Japanese word “Takara” for treasure or precious. I always explain it that way to the many people who ask about it. I never heard the Italian meaning “to touch” so that is rest to know too! And Tocar in Spanish is “to play” (like a guitar) so very similar to the Italian meaning. Much love to all of you! Maybe we should start a Toccara Facebook Page so we can all see photos of each other :)

  62. My mother named me after the Avon perfume as well but decided on a different spelling! Anytime someone would say “oh, that’s a unique name, what does it mean!?” I’d just tell them my mom named me after an Avon perfume and they would be tickled! I’m so glad to know my name actually has a meaning! And knowing how the story behind the fragrance ties into the name is pretty dang cool! Thanks!

  63. Hi !! My Name is Tocarro born 1981. I’ve always loved my name .. Hello to all the other Tocarro’s, Toccara’s etc????

  64. Hey y’all! I’m Toccara (pronounced like the fragrance) as well I was born in 82 and named after the perfume. I absolutely love my name. I’m complimented or at least asked about it on a daily basis at my job. It’s so unique in the grand scheme of things. I often tell people if you know a Toccara she was probably born in the 80s. I once received a vintage bottle of the fragrance from my father on my 22nd birthday. It made me so happy. It however smelled horrible and burned my skin lol maybe it was too old. Either way one of the best gifts I ever received. Thanks so much for this post.

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