Florida sextuplets: Brady, Charlie, Eli, Jackson, Ryan, MacKenzie


Sextuplets Brady Christopher, Charlie Craig, Eli Benjamin, Jackson Robert, Ryan Patrick, and MacKenzie Margaret — five boys, one girl — are the first set of sextuplets to be born in the state of Florida.

The babies were born on September 1st to parents Karoline and Ben Byler. They arrived more than 2 months early and will likely remain in the hospital until November.

In terms of popularity, each of the sextuplets’ names is at least moderately popular in the U.S. right now. Here’s how they stacked up rank-wise in 2006:

  • Ryan ranked 14th for boys (and 455th for girls)
  • Jackson ranked 36th for boys
  • MacKenzie ranked 53rd for girls
  • Brady ranked 105th for boys
  • Eli ranked 139th for boys
  • Charlie ranked 337th for boys (and 761st for girls)

The Bylers also have a 4-year old daughter named Zoe. (In fact, the name Zoe currently ranks 54th for girls — just one notch below MacKenzie.)

Source: Florida gets its first set of sextuplets

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