What’s your sign? Baby names from the Zodiac

Which astrological signs would make the best baby names?

  • Leo, which has ranked among the top 500 baby names in the U.S. every year for the last 127 years,
  • Taurus, which ranked in the top 1,000 from 1973 through 1976, and
  • Aries, which has never ranked, but has been used anecdotally (e.g., MADtv comedian Aries Spears).

I also think Libra has some potential, though I’ve never actually met anyone named Libra before.

2 thoughts on “What’s your sign? Baby names from the Zodiac

  1. I am blessed with a baby boy on 12-12-2012 at 05.14am., And my wife’s name is Rehana.

    Could you pls suggest me a suitable name (common) starting with Ne / Ni.

  2. This is to the original topic: Aquarius is the coolest zodiacal name.

    Remember the musical Hair?

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