Baby born in car, named Carlee

Early last week, Sherry Harrah of Kanawha County, West Virginia gave birth to her 9th child inside the family’s new Ford Expedition as she was being driven to the hospital.

What did she and her husband name their newborn daughter?

Carlee, “after the car.”

Their other children are named Kaleb, Judy, Chelsey, Mikaya, Colton, Brooklin, Alexia and Chase. The kids range in age from 18 months to 16 years.

Sources: Mom gives birth to 9th child in SUV, Woman Gives Birth in SUV as Eight Other Kids Watch

P.S. Here are some more names that include the word “car”

4 thoughts on “Baby born in car, named Carlee

  1. How strange, I happen to know this family and they sure didn’t count all the kids,,David has 2 adult children with ex-wife Cindy,, and David is not the father he is portrayed to be,,, he didn’t even list his namesake David Thomas Harrah Jr, or Melissa,, also David has 2 granddaughters that he didn’t mention either,, Star & Katlyn,, as a matter of fact David was still married to Cindy (ex) when Sherry broke up their marriage and sherry and david had 2 kids while he was still married to cindy and pregnant with 3rd before he got a divorce,, also he owed back child support to cindy and the property he and sherry live on, half of it still belongs to Cindy,,,I wish all the story would be told,, they must be looking for fame, glory, money, clothing,,why else would someone have 9 kids and then dont mention your first 2 from previous marriage,,,someone ask david when him and sherry got married and then do the math

  2. Yes thats right, Charley CHEVELLE. First of all I am female and my real name is Charley. Anyway, I was concieved in the back of a 66 Chevelle SS. My dad loved that car so much he figured he’d name his first child Chevelle. Since my parents had such a hard time finding a middle name to go with that Chevelle became my middle name. It was perfect timing when Hurricane Charley came around, they thought it went well so the name stuck and that gave me CCC as my initials which that is pretty cool! Although when I was younger it was hard having a “boy’s” name, kids at school would make fun of it; They called me “Charlie Brown” and nobody ever spelled it right, some still don’t. Now that I’m older, I love my name, its classic. What other girl in the world has been named after a hurricane and a car! My point is I don’t see what the big deal is that she named her child after the car, its unique, and who wants another name that somebody else has anyways? Not Me.

  3. I love the name, im 14 and my girlfriend is expecting a child and if its a girl id like to name her chevelle

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