Name in the news: Boston Harold

boston herald logo

Boston Harold Morgan was born October 8 to John and Amanda Morgan of East Texas. His first name was inspired by the rock band Boston, and his middle name is a family name.

When his parents discovered there was a newspaper called the Boston Herald — just two letters away from Boston Harold — they ordered several copies of the October 8 edition to send out as part of the baby’s birth announcement:

The Morgans plan to announce the good news to friends and family by sending copies of the Boston Herald across the Lone Star State, inking in the name “Morgan” beneath the paper’s blue banner.

The folks at the Boston Herald reciprocated by printing a story about Boston Harold just a few days later.

Source: Wolchover, Eva. “Can we have a vowel, please?Boston Herald 13 Oct. 2007.

(A few years after this post went up, I discovered a baby named Jackson Daily after the Jackson Daily News.)

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