Where did the baby name Savion come from in 1989?

Dancer and actor Savion Glover
Savion Glover

The name Savion first appeared in the U.S. baby name data in 1989. (It would have been one of the highest-hitting debut names of the year had the New York glitch names not shown up in ’89 as well.)

  • 1991: 22 baby boys named Savion
  • 1990: 27 baby boys named Savion
  • 1989: 39 baby boys named Savion [debut]
  • 1988: unlisted
  • 1987: unlisted

The variant name Savian also surfaced that year.

Where did these two names come from?

New Jersey-born tap dancer Savion (pronounced SAY-vee-on) Glover. In 1989, as a 15-year-old, he was garnering attention for two things:

  • First, his role in the musical revue Black and Blue, which opened on Broadway in January. It earned him a Tony nomination for Best Performance by a Featured Actor in a Musical. (The Tonys were awarded in June that year.)
  • Second, his role in the dance/drama film Tap, which was released in theaters in February. Actor Gregory Hines played the main character Max (a tap dancer with a criminal record), and Savion Glover played the tap-dancing son of the Max’s love interest Amy (a tap instructor).

What are your thoughts on the name Savion?

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