Baby names you can write with a single line in cursive: Cleo, Rhys, Edward, Ursula

Declaration of Independence (detail)

I wrote a letter to a friend not long ago, and the act of writing something longhand (which I rarely do anymore) made me wonder: which baby names can be written in cursive without lifting the pen from the page?

Turns out that many names can be written this way — so long as they don’t contain letters that need crossing/dotting (t, i, x, j) and don’t start with a tricky capital such as W or X.

Here are some examples of names that can be written in script with one continuous line of ink.

  • 3 letters: Ava, Moe, Ned, Rob, Ula
  • 4 letters: Cleo, Elmo, Jada, Rhys, Zane
  • 5 letters: Carla, Jesse, Nancy, Ryder, Yosef
  • 6 letters: Edward, Jazmyn, Morgan, Nelson, Ursula
  • 7 letters: Charles, Eleanor, Jeffrey, Malcolm, Rebecca
  • 8 letters: Alphonso, Emmanuel, Mercedes, Mohammad, Randolph
  • 9 letters: Cleveland, Esperanza, Jefferson, Magdalena, Rosabelle
  • 10 letters: Alessandra, Alessandro, Clarabella, Clarabelle, Jacquelynn

For more onomastic trivia, try this list of baby names that can be typed one-handed on a QWERTY keyboard.

Image: Adapted from United States Declaration of Independence (public domain)

4 thoughts on “Baby names you can write with a single line in cursive: Cleo, Rhys, Edward, Ursula

  1. My siblings Ian and Colleen could go on that list. Some cursive scripts don’t have I as a connected letter option, but I write mine that way. My parents Cheryl and Terry, too (once again, in some scripts for that T)

  2. I must have been taught one of those scripts — for me, capital T and capital I don’t connect at all. Same with B, D, F, G, L, O, P, S… virtually half of the upper-case letters, in fact. (Sort of defeats the purpose of being cursive, doesn’t it? :)

  3. Rebekah as well!!! think the alternating tall letters makes it much more lovely, especially in cursive

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