Baby name story: Romeo

Tony and Elaine Romaeo of Cardiff, Wales, named their first son Romeo Casanova Valentino (so, ‘Romeo Romaeo’). Here’s how Elaine explained the name:

We knew we wanted to give our children unusual names from the start. My husband used to be a male stripper and his stage name was Romeo so we decided to call our first son after the three greatest lovers of the world.

Their other four children are named Venus Valentine, Angel Aphrodite, Isis Ise, Achilles Spartacus Mars. Baby #6 — to be named Caesar Augustus Constantine — is due in a few weeks.

Update, Nov. 2021: Romeo Romaeo went on to become a professional boxer for a time (2013-2016), and Venus and Angel both became elite gymnasts.

Sources: Mythology inspires six baby names (BBC), Our children are gods, legends and great lovers (Wales Online)

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