Unisex names of 2007: Peyton, Finley, Dominique, Dakota

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Last year, over 60 baby names ranked in the top 1,000 for both boys and girls.

Most of these names were much more popular for one gender than for the other. London, Morgan, Jamie and Harper were clear winners for the girls, for instance, and Logan, Micah, Charlie and Parker were used far more often for boys.

But some of the names were used about equally for both genders. These “most” unisex names (for lack of a better way to describe them) were:

NameRank (m/f)Difference

Names that came close to making the list were Kasey, Skyler, Jaylin and Devyn. (My cut-off was a difference of 100, and these four names were just over that limit.)

Also, keep in mind that this list doesn’t account for overall popularity. Dominique and Dakota are side-by-side above, but the name Dakota was given to 3,381 children last year, whereas only 653 were named Dominique.

Image by Erol Ahmed from Unsplash

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