Celebrity baby name: Sunday

Actress Nicole Kidman and her husband, musician Keith Urban, welcomed a baby girl earlier today. They named her Sunday (…despite the fact that she was born on a Monday).

Kidman also has two adopted children, Connor and Isabella, from her earlier marriage to Tom Cruise.

Update, 7/8/08: According to Australian newspaper The Daily Telegraph, the name was inspired by Sunday Reed, a patron of the arts in Australia and the “muse” of artist Sidney Nolan.

4 thoughts on “Celebrity baby name: Sunday

  1. Where both Kidman and Cruise have gone on to get married and have children, it makes you wonder why they never had their own biological children.

  2. More than that, what bothers me, is that they always point out that Connor & Isabella are their “adopted” children. Umm, they’re their children, period. Anyone who is adopted or has adopted knows how annoying it is to be labeled in that way.

    I find it frustrating when people speak of not being able to have children of “their own” as if Connor & Isabella are not their own kids. As if they’re some kind of second-class or a second option because biological children were not a possiblitity or something.

  3. I read that Nicole Kidman had two miscarriages, but no date for these was given. That my be why she and Tom Cruise adopted two children. I also read that Kidman (41?) said that she never thought she would have the experience of carrying a child.

    Having raised several children, some born to my husband and me and some adopted, I’ve been thinking of Kidman and Cruise’s older children as the births of Suri and now Sunday have been all over the press. I hope Isabella and Connor don’t feel rejected or less loved now that each of their parents has a birth child. But then, that may be the fate of many older children of Hollywood stars who divorce and some years later produce a little ‘star baby,’ often with a unique name which brings even more attention to the event.

    Ten years from now, all four of these children — Isabella, Conner, Suri and Sunday — may be children of divorce, mostly forgotten by the press who adored baby Suri and baby Sunday. I wish a happy childhood for each of them, if that’s possible.

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