Popular musical names: Cadence, Piper, Melody, Harmony

The following music-related baby names were among the most popular girl names of 2007:

  • Cadence, Kaydence, Kadence – 199th, 325th, 384th
  • Piper – 240th
  • Melody – 295th
  • Harmony – 315th
  • Harper – 441st
  • Lyric – 551st
  • Aria – 566th

Harper and Lyric ranked for boys last year as well.

One thought on “Popular musical names: Cadence, Piper, Melody, Harmony

  1. I have friends who named their daughter Cadence in 1999 or 2000, before it started hitting the charts. Besides its musical connection, they liked that they could shorten it to Cady and have a connection to the women’s rights movement.

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