New York sextuplets: Danelia, Genesis, Jadon, Jezreel, Joel, Justin


Victor and Digna Carpio of Queens welcomed sextuplets–four boys and two girls–back on October 6th.

The babies are New York City’s second-ever set of sextuplets, and possibly the first sextuplets born to a Hispanic couple in the United States. (Victor and Digna are originally from Ecuador.)

The sextuplets were born about 3 months early and identified as A, B, C, D, E and F for several weeks before being named Danelia, Genesis, Jadon, Jezreel, Joel, and Justin.

The babies have one older sibling, a 7-year-old brother named Jhancarlos.

What do you think of all the names?

Source: NY Daily News

4 thoughts on “New York sextuplets: Danelia, Genesis, Jadon, Jezreel, Joel, Justin

  1. I forgot to mention the names of New York’s first-ever set of sextuplets: Gerard, Olivia, Sabrina, Sophia, Stella, and Trifon. They were born in 1997.

  2. I love the name danelia when i first seen the show i was like thats so pretty, and i names my daughter after her. its so pretty does anyone know what it means ? i named my daughter Danelia Marie.

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