How do you feel about your name, Ridge?

“I absolutely love my name,” says Ridge, a 17-year-old who lives close to Wichita, Kansas.

Why does he love it?

“Not only because it is very unique and I have never heard the name on anybody else in my life, but also because I feel Ridge is a very manly name.”

Also, because it’s “not like everybody else’s at [his] high school.”

In 1988, Ridge’s name was the 975th most popular baby name in the country. In 1989, it was 1,000th. But it no longer ranked nationally a couple of years later, when he was born, and it hasn’t since.

Contrary to what people tend to assume, Ridge was not named for the character from The Bold and the Beautiful:

The story behind my name is that when my mom was pregnant with me, she listened to the ski reports in Colorado all the time. If I had been a girl, my mom would have named me Breckyn (yes, that spelling is correct) after Breckenridge, but because I am a male, my mom decided to name me Ridge.

Ridge’s two sisters, Breckyn and Aspyn, “got their names in the same manner.”

Finally, is there anything that Ridge doesn’t like about his name?

Most people think that my name is Dawson Ridge, when in fact it is Ridge Dawson. Also, when people ask my name, they think that I say that it’s “Rich”.

Thanks so much, Ridge!

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