6 thoughts on “Celebrity baby name: Seraphina Rose Elizabeth

  1. AHHH!!!! SO GOOD!!!!

    Man, I’m impressed. One of the best celebrity baby names I’ve seen in a long time. Unusual without being freakish. Beautiful and legit.

    The middle names are filler-ish, but I don’t even care. Violet and Seraphina? Well done.

  2. I agree. :) I think Seraphina is an adorable name.

    I bet, though, that this name choice will inspire a slew of newborn Seraphinas and Serafinas throughout the country. It’s exactly the sort of old-fashioned, uncommon name a lot of parents seem to be looking for.

  3. I am also called Seraphina and I’m glad that I won’t be teased for my name anymore but not to happy about now probably being on a list of weird celebrity names. And I kind of liked that my name was unique but now hundreds of people are going to be calling their children Seraphina.

  4. I totally love it and think it’s a great choice! Really nicely done, my only regret is that Violet doesn’t have a third given name.

  5. I’ve liked this name ever since I saw the Whoopi Goldberg movie of the same title. Beautiful choice!

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