Popular baby names in the United States, 2008

Flag of the United States
Flag of the United States

And…here they are the new top-10 lists!

Girl Names

  1. Emma (was #2 in 2007)
  2. Isabella (no change)
  3. Emily (was #1)
  4. Madison (was #5)
  5. Ava (was #4)
  6. Olivia (was #7)
  7. Sophia (was #6)
  8. Abigail (no change)
  9. Elizabeth (was #10)
  10. Chloe (was #16)

Boy Names

  1. Jacob (no change)
  2. Michael (always #2!)
  3. Ethan (no change)
  4. Joshua (no change)
  5. Daniel (no change)
  6. Alexander (was #11)
  7. Anthony (no change)
  8. William (no change)
  9. Christopher (was #6)
  10. Matthew (was #9)

The first thing I had to check was Michael. I’d be so upset if it slipped any lower than #2. Just seems like tradition at this point. :)

There is one newbie on each top ten list: Alexander for boys, Chloe for girls. On the flip side of that are the “biggest losers,” Andrew (which has dropped to 12th) and Hannah (which has dropped to 17th).

And which two names just missed the cut? 11th-place Jayden and 12th-place Addison, two rather trendy names riding their newfound fame to the top. (Will they ever make it? Tune in next year — same baby name-time, same baby name-channel!)

I haven’t really delved into anything more than the top names at this point. I’m seeing news articles about Barack and Miley being more popular this year–have yet to check that out.

Have you combed through the new list yet? If so, did you see anything interesting?

Source: SSA

Image: Adapted from Flag of the United States (public domain)

3 thoughts on “Popular baby names in the United States, 2008

  1. I did, last night, long night :-) Yes, Miley (and Mylee) are hot. Also: Aliyah/Amiyah, Amari/Amira, Aubree/Aubrey/Audrina, Cara/Kara, Danna/Dayana, Hadley/Harley/Harper/Hayden, Jaslene/Jazlyn, Kayden/Kaylee/Kiley, Khloe, Layla/Leah/Lia/Lilah/Lillian/Lily/Lyla, London, Madalyn/Madelyn/Madelynn/Madilyn, Marlee/Marley, Natalie/Nataly, Paisley/Payton/Peyton, Riley/Rylee/Ryleigh and Valentina/Valeria.

    For boys: Aiden/Brayden/Kaiden/Kayden/Zayden, Alvin, August, Beckett, Carter, Cash/Kash, Chase, Collin/Colton/Kolton, Cruz, Easton, Eli/Elijah/Alijah, Ezra, Grady, Graham, Henry, Hudson, Jacoby, Jaiden/Jayden, Jaxon/Jaxson, Jonah/Jonas, Jude, Kale, Kane, Kellen, Kingston, Kobe, Landyn, Liam, Maximus, Milo, Oliver, Paxton, Reid, River, Ryker, Rylan and Santiago. And Barack, at # 2409.

    Out of fashion:Breanna/Briana/Brianna, Ciara/Kyra, Joselyn/Yoselin, Haley/Hayley/Haylie, Jaden/Jadyn/Jaiden, Julia/Julissa, Lindsay/Lindsey, Rachael/Rachel. And classics Jennifer, Jessica, Stephanie. I also found Angelina, Lindsay/Lindsey and Paris less popular.

    For boys: Aldo, Alfredo, Billy, Branden/Brenden, Camron, Corey, Curtis, Dakota, Dennis, Derek, Devon, Dillon, Drew, Dustin, Edgar, Fabian, Felipe, Francisco, Gerardo, Gustavo, Jaime, Jalen/Jaylin, Jared, Larry, Leland, Lorenzo, Mitchell, Nathanael, Noe, Omar, Orlando, Osvaldo, Raul, Rodney, Rodrigo, Scott, Shaun/Shawn, Spencer, Stephen, Terrance, Tobias, Tony, Trenton and Trey.

    I “love” 14 pairs of twins named Heaven & Nevaeh. It’s a shame no one those names in The Netherlands, or I would have something to write about!

  2. I did a combined spellings list and the top names from that are posted on my blog. Big shakeup – it’s especially eye-opening on the boys’ side to see the list revised to show alternate spellings.

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