Baby name story: Edan Shaw

Uwe Schiek and Nalia Barkman of rural Lasqueti Island (located between Vancouver Island the Canadian mainland) had been planning to travel to Vancouver before the birth of their son.

When the baby decided to show up over a week early, though, that plan fell through.

The baby ended up being born (several days ago!) aboard Canadian Coast Guard vessel Cape Edensaw.

His name? Ari Edan Shaw Schiek — middle names in honor of the Coast Guard.

The lifeboat had been named after Cape Edensaw (which marks the eastern entrance point of Virago Sound, north of Graham Island).

The Cape was likely named after Haida chief Albert Edward Edenshaw (ca.1810-1894). The Haida chiefly name Edenshaw, also written Idinsaw, was derived from a Tlingit word meaning “wasting away,” in reference to ice melting from a glacier.

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