Baby name story: Sarto

On August 4, 1903, Cardinal Giuseppe Sarto became the 257th Pope of the Catholic Church.

Later that day, Mr. and Mrs. Arthur S. Picking of Bloomfield, New Jersey welcomed a baby boy. Despite being Episcopalians, they named their baby Arthur Sarto Picking.

Young Arthur Sarto was “[p]robably the first child in the country to be named in honor of Pope Pius X,” according to the New York Times.

Source: “Baby Named for Pope.” New York Times 6 Aug. 1903.

3 thoughts on “Baby name story: Sarto

  1. Well, that certainly is an interesting person to name your child after. Even the pope himself didn’t keep that name!

  2. Just stumbled upon another Sarto baby:

    John Sarto Schanberger, born in Baltimore on August 5, 1903, to Mr. and Mrs. Harry P. Schanberger.

    Source: “Named After Pope Pius X.” Sun [Baltimore] 11 Aug. 1903: 7.

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