Baby name battle: Anna vs. Hannah

The palindromic names Anna and Hannah are similar, and there’s a reason for that: They’re related!

Anna and Hannah are both forms of the Hebrew name Channah, which is a form of the word chanan, meaning “to show favor, be gracious.”

If you were having a daughter, and you had to name her either Anna or Hannah, which would it be? Why?

7 thoughts on “Baby name battle: Anna vs. Hannah

  1. I have a cousin Anna, so Hannah is probably a better choice for me.
    I love both Anne and Hanna, but Anna and Hannah don’t do as much for me. If not for the cousin maybe I’d have gone with Anna, since I think Annie is cute and Hannie would probably just be confusing for people.

  2. I like both but I think Hannah is going to feel a little dated soon. So I’d go with Anna. I think the nick-namability of Anna to Ann or Annie will influence some people either way.

  3. I’d do with Anna- though my preferred spelling is Annah, so, it’s a little of both! But if I had to choose… One of my favorite boys’ names is a palindrome, so I wouldn’t want to pick two of them.

  4. Anna, because I like Annie, but it’s too similar to my name, and Hannah’s a little less. But Anya isn’t my entire name, it’s a nickname, so I think Anna would be okay. But only if I totally HAD to. I mean, I like Anna, but I don’t like Hannah, so…

  5. A thought: Hannah VS. Hanna? I personally prefer Hannah, but I wanted to get other opinions.

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