9 thoughts on “Baby name battle: Thomas vs. Timothy

  1. Personally, I prefer Timothy- it brings to mind the image of a cute little boy, compared to Thomas, which makes me think of a more mischevious character. Then again, I know brothers with these names and those characteristics! But Thomas has family ties, and is the name of a military man I admire.

  2. Timothy for the first name, Thomas for the middle name. Is that okay? If not, first Timothy, and then Thomas. But both.

  3. Hm. tough call. Both are good. I like Timothy better than Thomas but Tom better than Tim. Timothy sounds better with my last name but I think Thomas is more “timeless”. Tie-breaker: Thomas is my grand father’s name. Thomas for me.

  4. Thomas runs into my “S” surname, but I Thomas feels more versatile name than Timothy. (I don’t know why but the name Timothy makes me think of a cartoon or puppet mouse from 60’s television.

  5. Hands down Thomas. Thomas is a more classical choice and one I think would fit a grown up better. The “ee” ending to Timothy lends a diminutive feel to the name. Additionally, (for me) Timothy rings to mind the words “timorous” and “timid” neither of which are particularly flattering.

    (Full disclosure, I know 3 Timothy’s… none of which have increased the name’s standing for me. However, I’m sure it would take just one sweet baby for me to like it quite a lot more.)

  6. Timothy, primarily because DH’s family is full of Thomases. I also like the sound of Timothy better. I tend to be found of those old Greek biblical names anyway.

  7. Definitely Thomas. I actually like both names, but for me the common nicknames are what makes the choice an easy one. I like both Tom & Tommy but really dislike Tim & Timmy (most probably due to an icky guy I knew named Tim). I would have no problem using Timothy as a middle name though.

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