Spelling surnames backwards to create first names

Did you know that a handful of people out there are named Zerimar Ramirez?

Zerimar is simply Ramirez spelled backwards.

Names like Zerimar Ramirez are rare, as few surnames can be flipped into something that could pass for a first name. (And few parents are eager to give their kids palindromic full names in the first place.)

But certain surnames look and sound pretty good when spelled backwards. For instance…

  • Allen -> Nella Allen
  • Davis -> Sivad Davis
  • Diaz -> Zaid Diaz
  • Harris -> Sirrah Harris
  • Hayes -> Seyah Hayes
  • Morales -> Selarom Morales
  • Oliver -> Revilo Oliver
  • Rivera -> Arevir Rivera
  • Salazar -> Razalas Salazar
  • Sullivan -> Navillus Sullivan

When you flip your surname, what’s the result? Could it be used as a first name?

P.S. I found an Onurb Bruno in Brazil…

14 thoughts on “Spelling surnames backwards to create first names

  1. Mine looks Welsh to me: Ffuh. My maiden name would be Redlac, which sounds kind of ridiculous to me. I actually really like Zerimar Ramirez.

  2. Well, both my married name (which becomes into Tednagig) and my maiden name (which becomes Thgink) are decidedly unusable. However, “Ted” did catch my eye… hmm.

  3. My name looks decidely like a different last name when spelled backwards and would be cruel to use as a first name.

  4. The reverse of my surname looks like muertos (Spanish for deaths.) Not usable!

    My husband’s German surname looks Czech or mixed-up scrabble rack.

  5. Jeizgolok

    The first one, not at all. At least there’s ‘Kurt’ in the second, but still no. If I had to chose one, it would be Aksmada.

  6. This post immediately brought to mind Stanley Yelnats, the main character is Louis Sachar’s book “Holes” (which is really good, by the way). Stanley tells us it’s a family name and all the men in his family have it.
    My last name would be Repooc, which makes me laugh, but I love palindromic names!

  7. Married: Rebeib, Maiden: Elyod

    I guess I could get Eli/Ely and maybe Elody if I switch the placement of the y….

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