Baby name mash-ups: Abdrew, Jeffifer, Ryatt, Tiffanique

Here are some oddball baby names I found while scanning the SSA’s baby name lists. They look like creative combinations of other names. (My guesses as to what those “other names” might be are in parentheses.)

Boy names:

Girl names:

Which is your favorite? (Mine is Franchester!)

Have you come across any other baby name mash-ups recently?

P.S. Don’t forget Craphonso. :)

[Last update: 5/2019]

20 thoughts on “Baby name mash-ups: Abdrew, Jeffifer, Ryatt, Tiffanique

  1. Kinda digging ‘Keithrick’. :) Franchester??? Sorry, most of those girl names are just plain mean! :)

  2. I can see Jonovan, Kendrew (similar to Kendall), and Ryatt catching on. My best friend Jennifer was called Jeff growing up.

    I think my favorite is Cliftina. I bet one of her male relatives is named Cliff and this was the only way to make it a girl’s name. (Cliffa, Cliffine, Cliffette, etc., just don’t work.)

  3. I generally don’t appreciate invented names but I find several of these pleasing. I quite like:

    Jonovan, Kendrew, and Timarcus
    Jontavia and Marifer

  4. I like Kendrew and Kellissa (Kendrew seems like Kendra though and Kellissa could be nicknamed Kelly)

  5. I actually don’t mind Jonovan… or Fredarius. I’m pretty sure I’ve seen Tiffanique before, but I prefer Franchester as well!

  6. Marifer is the nickname for Maria Fernanda, is a very fancy and popular name in latin america, brazil, spain and italy

  7. I think most of the mash-up names I’ve seen have been combinations of the mother’s and father’s names.

    I’ve always thought they were pretty fascinating, so I’ve been tucking them away over the years. Sadly, I haven’t kept track of which ones I stumbled across in real life, vs. which ones I made up along the way.

    Mardra (Mark and Sandra)
    Elric (Ellen and Richard)
    Ercan (Eric and Candace)
    Donly (Donald and Kelly)
    Donnick (Donna and Rick)
    Dennon (Dennis and Sharon)
    Jerica (Jerry and ?…Erica probably)
    Jevic (Jeff and Vicki)
    Jovan (Evan and Jolene)
    Jessler (Jessica and Tyler)
    Danica (Daniel and Veronica)
    Kenrick (Kendra and Richard)
    Jennika (Jennifer and Luke..but only the K is from Luke)
    Jeddie (Jean and Eddie)
    Jenise (Jeff and Denise)
    Jelissa (Jeff and Melissa)
    Jackston (Jacqueline and Tony)
    Kylan (Kyle and Susan)
    Kindra (Kip and Sandra)
    Lyndee (Evelyn and Dean)
    Marius (Mary and Russel)
    Marielle (Mark and Adelle)
    Samera (Sam and Tammy)
    Sylvan (Sybil and Vance)
    Vidia (Victor and Lydia)
    Zandrea (Zack and Andrea)

    I think some of these are kind of aweful, but some are pretty cool.

    I would only consider a mash-up name if it was to honor other people though, like grandparents or mentors. I wouldn’t name my kid a mash-up of my name and my husband’s. It seems self-centered. Plus, doesn’t that make name of the kid with the mash-up more special to you than the names of siblings born later?

  8. Dylano is an update of Delano influenced Dylan. All three names have been popular for years. (Dylan became hugely popular in the 90s, probably because of the 90210 character. Delano saw some use in the 1940s when parents in the Nazi-occupied Netherlands gave their sons names like Franklin, Delano, Dwight, and Winston. I’m not sure if its current popularity has anything to do with that.)

    Both Delano and Dylano are stressed on the second syllable in Dutch: duh-LA-no, dee-LA-no. The English pronunciation DEL-ah-no is virtually unknown here.

  9. By the way: Although Delano as a given name is an American ‘invention’ it is much more popular in the Netherlands than it has ever been in the US. I wonder if there are more names like that.

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