Kosovar refugees name baby boy Amerikan

On May 5, 1999, the first plane-load of Kosovar refugees arrived at Fort Dix in New Jersey. Aboard were expectant couple Lebibe and Naim Karaliju.

On May 6, the couple welcomed a son. They named him Amerikan.

According to the SSA, Amerikan Karaliju was “the first Kosovar [refugee] baby born on U.S. soil.”

The name was dad’s idea. He wanted to “honor the country that gave them shelter from ethnic cleansing,” according to the NY Daily News.

[By mid-2000, the family was back in Kosovo and expecting a second child.]


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  1. I searching now for any follow-up since that one article from mid-2000, but so far I’m not seeing anything.

    (If I ever do find something, I’ll come back and add a link to the post.)

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