46 thoughts on “Baby name battle: Aubrey vs. Audrey

  1. Easy for me as well, since Aubrey is a male name and I’d never use it for a daughter.

    Audrey was what I named one of my first dolls as a child. [All of my dolls had ‘A’ names.] I thought it was exotic.

  2. Audrey. Aubrey is a boy’s name. In fact I have met a guy named Aubrey. He was my age, so he would be about 24, now. He had a brother named Julian.

  3. Audrey, no prob. I really like the name, and Aubrey is a boy’s name. I know it’s used for girls now, but it sounds more masculine than Audrey by a country mile.

  4. I know male twins named Aubrey and Allan. Age 27 or so. I do have a Great Aunt Audrey it would be nice to honour though.

  5. Aubrey – boys
    Audrey – girls

    I don’t see the point in name a girl Audrey when there is a similar alternative. Its a reason why I don’t understand parents naming their daughters Vivian when they have Vivienne, etc.

  6. Same thoughts as previous posters. Aubrey is a boys name. Audrey is a beautiful girl’s name!

    I know a sibset of Mabel and Audrey :)

  7. My name is Audrey and I love it. It’s feminine and a real classic. It’s unique enough that I know few other Audreys, yet common enough that everyone can spell and pronounce it. I know a few teen girls named Aubrey and I think it is an equally pretty name, but more on the exotic side for a female than the classic Audrey.

  8. Hi….I hate to think that Aubrey is a boy name because i am a complete FEMALE and my name is Aubrey

  9. My 1 yr old is named Audrey. I hate Aubrey as a name either for boy or girl, just seems awkward to say with the b in there and it’s annoying that so many are opting for Aubrey these days cause people are always calling my daughter Aubrey. Ick!

  10. Wow, lots of hate for Aubrey. I hope the OP did not put too much stock into the responses from this thread. Aubrey is slightly more popular than Audrey for a girl’s name and sounds a little better. Plus, Bree is a great nickname…. and there aren’t any good nicknames for Audrey.

  11. Definitely Aubrey, Audrey seems more masculine with the D. Plus if you name your son Aubrey now he will be made fun of to no end because it is only used on girls now. I know many Aubreys but they are all girls. The only Auntey that’s a boy that I know of is Aubrey Drake Graham, better known as the rapper Drake.

  12. Aubrey makes me think of everything that’s wrong with baby names lately. It reminds me of a parent who would name their child these cool-yet-smart sounding, waspy names like Conner or Madison.
    Blame it on Audrey Hepburn, but I think ‘Audrey’ is classic and beautiful. It’s fool-proof.

  13. aubrey! :) I love it. If I have a daughter, I am actually thinking of naming her Aubrey. :)

    And I have neverrrr heard of aubrey used as a boys name. It seems too feminine for a boys name.

  14. Definitely Aubrey! I think Aubrey is a beautiful name, yet Audrey just sounds so old fashioned and out dated, and I agree with others, quite masculine. Who cares if it’s also a boys name, there are that many names these days that could be either boy or girl that that is not an issue. Audrey is old and boring..whereas Aubrey is beautiful and definitely making a comeback

  15. I hate Audrey! My sister in law, Audrey is a selfish stubborn person who chose to get married on my wedding anniversary where Aubrey is a lovely name, that happens to be the name of my best friend, the kindest person I know. I will forever relate Audrey to a self serving person and Aubrey to a kind noble one. Plus I feel Aubrey just flows better.

  16. Audrey is A HIDEOUS NAME !!! I hate it like hell.

    My name is GORGEOUS and guys like my name in fact. It sounds very sweet and smart, yet sexy. There are variations on the spelling, but overall it’s a great name and all the pretty girls are named Aubrey. Not Audrey.

  17. Hasn’t anybody heard the song “Aubrey” by the band Bread?

    I’m surprised that wasn’t mentioned. Yes, Aubrey was traditionally a boys name, but I believe that started to change in the 1970s (probably with the help of that song). I decided years ago to name my first daughter Aubrey, before I was even married. Years later, my first child was a girl, and her name is now Aubrey. I thought that name was so unique and pretty (although it is becoming more common now). If you hate the name Aubrey, you should listen to that song and see if it changes your mind. By the way, I like Audrey too, as well as lots of other girls names. But I chose Aubrey.

  18. People who are calling Aubrey a boys name are very ignorant. It’s not a boys name, it’s a unisex name if anything. It’s also not a trendy name either, the name has been around for ages, however it is starting to get popular again. It’s much more popular then Audrey which I personally can’t stand. I don’t think it’s the worst name in the world, but its very old fashioned and frumpy sounding IMO. Aubrey is much more feminine and modern in my opinion as well. I dont understand why people are hating on the name Aubrey..its becoming popular for a reason! It’s beautiful.

  19. I LOVE the name Aubrey! And HATE Audrey! I can’t stop laughing every time I read peoples messages on here saying that Aubrey must be a boys name just because they know a guy with the name Aubrey..its a unisex name people.. your bound to find people of both genders with this name! Plus this names has been used on girls since the middle ages! It became popular again for girls in the 1970s when the song “Aubrey” by Bread came out. As of today, the name is used much more on girls then guys. The chances of a boy being given this name today is slim. Aubrey is so feminine and pretty, i love it. Audrey sounds old and frumpy and is not attractive at all.

  20. Think out of the box snobs. Aubrey is a unisex name. It is a lovely name My daughters Charlie and Ashleigh would agree. As you can see I like girls to have unisex names. If I ever had another girl this name is in my top 3. I like Jamie and bailey aswell. Maby these names can be passed on to my grand kids lol

  21. I like audrey better, because well, my name is Audrey and it’s a pretty name to be honest, i dont really like Aubrey because it sounds like a guys name, no offense to anyone named aubrey…

  22. Hey! My first name is Aubrey. Aubrey can be both a girls or boys name. Bread made a song called Aubrey in the album Guitar Man. Go listen to Aubrey if you want to name your kid Audrey. There’s this singer named Drake and his real name is Aubrey Drake Graham. Girls name Aubrey can be called Bre and boys named Aubrey and be called Aub.


  23. My name is Audrey and I honestly think it’s a really pretty, classic name; just because it’s old doesn’t make it frumpy. But I do still think Aubrey is a really great name as well. So in my opinion, if you want something beautiful and timeless, I’d choose Audrey; but if you’re looking for something a little trendier and more modern I’d go with Aubrey.

  24. Audrey all the way. Those who chose Aubrey as a girl’s name is very dumb. But whatever, it’s their own taste. AuBrey sounds so stupid and I’m so lucky it’s not my name. I completely despise that name. Audrey is more like a girl’s name. Aubrey sounds like a name for an ugly girl, but Audrey sounds like a name for a pretty girl. Not to brag but, lots of people say my name is nice and I look beautiful (I don’t care about compliments). I’ve seen many girls named Aubrey, and not a single one looks pretty, no offense. So… Audrey all the way.

  25. My name is Aubrey and growing up people would mistakenly call me Audrey. I hated the name until I got into high school. I do think it sounds a bit harsh. I deeply connect with my name and think that it suits me well. I’m glad my parents decided on that one. And the song by Bread is absolutely beautiful, my dad would sing it to me as a young girl.
    Also…you can’t say “no offense” to Aubreys when you say every Aubrey you’ve seen is ugly…and you obviously care about compliments otherwise you wouldn’t have used that as an argument. I’ve gotten plenty of compliments on my name and my looks…and both of those are thanks to my parents…my name doesn’t make me a pretty person.

  26. I love my name. I get called audrey all the time. Yes aubrey is a boy’s name. But if you really think about it ashley is a girl name and back in the day boys were named ashley. I dont know too many people with my name. Every time someone hears it they say its beautiful. I wouldnt change it for any other name.

  27. My Name is Aubrey im a ‘girl’ and i accept it if Aubrey is a boy’s name but people cant really sometimes mistaken my name by Audrey, i was called audrey a couple of hours ago tho. I accept and love my name.

  28. I don’t think it matters which name one chooses, because lets face it everyone has a different taste. Personally both names are nice and it does not matter which one is chosen because each person is different you cannot really compare people with the same names. In fact, popularity of names can have a big difference in different countries, towns, and cities. Some people name their kids after actors, and famous people in hopes that they can be like them or carry a similar legacy; however, each person is unique. For instance Aubrey could be a cute and very feminine girl or could be a strong tomboy, and same with Audry. The same apply’s to the boys could be handsome and shy type or a tough macho dude. The name does not make the person, the person makes the name; however each person is different so that depends on the circle of people you live with or know with similar names/ preferences. In fact, that is how the parents select the names for their children, so no hard feelings.

  29. My name is Aubrey, and I have to say I love both names. At first I read all the “Aubrey’s a boy’s name” stuff and got offended, but then I was equally offended when people were calling Audrey “old and frumpy.”
    I agree, when I think of Audrey I think of an older time. I think crisp leaves and old perfume (Audrey Hepburn, of course.) But that doesn’t make it frumpy.
    But I also agree that there are many male Aubrey’s. I know three guys named Aubrey and maybe four girls.
    Both names are gorgeous. It doesn’t matter what anyone says, whichever name you prefer is the name you prefer. Don’t chose one because that’s what an online forum said :)

  30. I am so pleased to see so many people love the name Aubrey. I thought it was beautiful the first time I saw it when I was googling “girls” names. It annoys me that people say- oh my father in law was called Aubrey, or I knew a brick layer called Aubrey. Yes about 100 years ago it was a popular male name, however I honestly believe it is a beautiful girls name, so pretty. We named our baby daughter Aubrey and it’s only the older generation who knew men named Aubrey. I love the song by bread – a girl named Aubrey, I just hope my daughter loves it as much as we do.

  31. Hi, so my name is Aubrey, and just agreeing with Audrey they are both beautiful names. But as agreeing with the other Aubrey I would hate to think it as a male name.

  32. Aubrey is by far better then Audrey. Aubrey is so not a boy name well at least now it’s not but I have a cousin and her name is AUBREY and it is WAY better then Audrey????

  33. First thing first my name is Audrey so I would SOOOOOOOOOOO pick it. 2 Aubrey is such a boys name but if your a girl named aubrey no offence its just my opinion that its not a girls name to me.

  34. I find it very offensive that people are insulting my name. It makes me feel bad about myself and i want to feel good about what people call me everyday. There is an upside about being named Aubrey. People call you Brie and I think that name is very beautiful also i love both names but i prefer mine.

  35. Again, Aubrey is not a girl’s name. You can name your child whatever you want, but “Audrey” is still the female name, never Aubrey.

  36. Ana,
    Usage does not change the fact that she has a male name. You may see TONS of girls with the name Aubrey, but it will never change the fact that it is male.

  37. I really don’t understand why people think that Aubrey is a boys name, sure 2 boys are named Aubrey so what. Is it just me or does Audrey sound like a harsh name while Aubrey sounds like a beautiful sweet name. I can trust someone named Aubrey, not Audrey.

  38. ”Those who chose Aubrey as a girl’s name is very dumb”

    are very dumb, you cretin.

  39. AUDREY!!!
    My name is Audrey and i am called Aubrey all the time, but i have a friend named Aubrey, both are cute, i obviously wouldn’t name my daughter either names

  40. My name is Audrey, never once have I met another girl named Audrey, while I know about ten aubreys.
    If I had a son, and I had to either name him Adolf or Aubrey, I’d name him Adolf. I hate the name aubrey in every way.

  41. As a fellow Aubrey, I think both names are nice and feminine. My mom named me after the song by Bread, which is about a beautiful girl named Aubrey. That being said, I also met a male police officer who was named Aubrey, and Drake the artist’s first name is Aubrey too. It’s just a name, this forum shows the age of some you! Audrey always makes me think of Audrey Hepburn who is gorgeous.

    I will say, however, it is annoying to be mistaken for ‘Audrey’ all the time but that’s nobody’s fault.

  42. I am a Audrey from the 70s named after Hepburn.
    I just want to correct a previous comment saying Audrey is à name for boys too because of Moulin Rouge.
    Audrey character is a travesty and that is their feminine counterpart name.
    However since Aubrey used to b for boys I guess every thing is possible!
    Just note that aubrey and Audrey come from German and don’t have the same meaning at all!

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