Another baby born on Continental flight, named Connie

Continental plane

This is the second airplane baby named Connie that I know of, believe it or not. She was born 40 years after the first.

The morning of May 19, 1996, Nguyet Pham gave birth to a baby girl in the bathroom of Continental Airlines flight 1435, traveling from Chicago to Cleveland.

The baby was named Nancy Connie — Connie after Continental.


4 thoughts on “Another baby born on Continental flight, named Connie

  1. There is another one from 1965: Barbara Lufthansa Herzog, born on a flight to New York (guess the airline!).

    She must have had some press in germany, because Seibicke cites her in “Historisches Deutsches Vornamenbuch”, quoting Ztg. [Zeitung] as source.

  2. Great find — thank you!

    I’m looking her up in old US newspapers right now. Not finding anything from 1965 yet, but there are plenty of articles from 1983, when Lufthansa treated her to flight back to W. Germany to celebrate her 18th birthday.

  3. Hello I was wondering how do I access the sources to this article? I tried to use Google but I had no luck.

  4. Hi Nancy Pham,

    I went back and found the first article (via the Google News Archive) and added the link.

    The other article was online when I wrote the post, but I can’t find it now — at least not for free. To access it, you could try using a newspaper archive site (one that offers a free trial?) or you could try your local library.

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