Baby born near Antarctic, named Antarktyk

South Georgia Island

On January 6, 1948, a baby was born aboard the Russian whaling factory ship Slava while it was crossing the Southern Ocean, heading toward the South Sandwich Islands. (The location was approximately 61°S 14°E.)

The baby’s mom, Aleksandra Akimovna Leonova, was a waitress on the ship, and his dad, seaman Yemelyan Sevastianovich Keshelav, was also on board.

The baby was named Antarktyk Yemelyanovich Keshelava* after the Antarctic region in which he was born.

*Or Keshelav? Both of my sources say the surname is Keshelava, but -a endings are feminine, and the baby was a boy, so they might be mistaken.

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Image: Adapted from Undine Harbour by David Stanley under CC BY 2.0.

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