Baby born after floods, named Noah

The city of Tiberias, named after the Roman Emperor Tiberius, is located on the shore of the Sea of Galilee. On May 14, 1934, heavy rainfall caused severe flooding in the city. The flooding destroyed a great deal of property (including ancient ruins) and killed dozens of people.

Several days later, a baby boy was born…

May 16 – A woman who escaped the recent fatal floods in Tiberias gave birth to a son today. The parents named the baby Noah.

He’s one of several flood-surviving Noahs that I know of. Another is the Noah whose embryo was rescued from Hurricane Katrina floodwaters several years ago.

(Babies with related name-stories include Moses and L’Eau Haute.)

Source: “Baby Is Named “Noah.”” Ottawa Citizen 17 May 1934: 23.

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