Baby name story: Maxine Josephine

In September of 1944, Mrs. Jean Grzyb of Chicago gave birth to a baby girl with the help of policemen Joseph Duffy and Max Christ. “In honor of the kind patrolmen, Mrs. Grzyb named the baby Maxine Josephine.”

(Here’s how Grzyb is pronounced in Polish, in case you were wondering. Because I sure was. Apparently grzyb is Polish for “fungus.”)

Source: “Double Namesake.” Lewiston Morning Tribune 26 Sep. 1944: 7.

One thought on “Baby name story: Maxine Josephine

  1. I know a girl who was named for the police officer who resuscitated her after she was born. The policeman’s name was Officer Key, her name is Keyanna. Keyanna was unexpectedly born a few weeks early in her parents’ bathroom, not breathing. Her father had called 911 in the process and Officer Key was the first on the scene.

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