Popular baby names in Jamaica, 2008


According to the Registrar General’s Department (RGD) of Jamaica, these were the island’s most popular baby names in 2008:

Girl Names

  1. Brihanna
  2. Rhianna
  3. Ashley
  4. Gabrielle
  5. Abigail

Boy Names

  1. Daniel
  2. Joshua
  3. Jordan
  4. Ricardo
  5. Anthony

Why am I posting rankings from 2008? Well, this is the most recent set of rankings I could track down at the Jamaican Government’s website.

But the site does contain a few interesting facts. For instance, I didn’t know that adding “Ann” to girl names was once trendy in Jamaica:

In studying the naming patterns of Jamaicans, information from the RGD’s database reveal that more families between the period 1950’s to the mid 90’s gave their children traditional Anglo-Saxon names. It should be noted however that most of these female names included the name Ann.

For instance in the United States and the UK where Lisa, Nicole, Kimberly and Carrie are names which dominated the late 70’s, 80’s and early 90’s, the Jamaican twist to these names are Nicole-Ann, Kerry Ann and Lisa Ann.

The site also mentions that…

  • At least 48 babies were named Charlie in the three months following Hurricane Charlie, which hit Jamaica in August of 1951.
  • 10 babies were named Gilbert in the nine months following Hurricane Gilbert, which hit Jamaica in September of 1988. (This includes two babies born on the day of the hurricane.)
  • At least 20 babies were named Usain following “the historic performance of Usain Bolt at the Olympics and the recently concluded World Games.”
  • Babies started being named Obama following “the historic election of the first African American President in the United States.”

Source: Naming Your Child the Jamaican Way – RGD – Government of Jamaica

Image by Caspar Rae from Unsplash

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