Baby name story: Elliott

In March of 2008, American Idol contestants Fantasia Barrino and Elliott Yamin traveled to Angola.

While they were in Namibe Province, a baby boy was born. According to the local tradition of naming newborns after visitors, the baby was named Elliott.

Here’s the video:

In case you were curious…Elliott Yamin (full name Efraym Elliott Yamin) was born in 1978 — several years before the name Elliott was popularized (somewhat) by the young protagonist of the hit movie E.T. the Extra-Terrestrial.

Sources: A baby named “Elliott”, Elliott Yamin – Wikipedia

One thought on “Baby name story: Elliott

  1. At 3 years old baby Elliot wont understand why he was named Elliot but in another 2 or more he will be asking questions, I hope he doesn’t ask to meet his name sake because that will be incredibly difficult.

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