New Jersey family with 18 children


In 1951, Joseph and Clara Carey of New Jersey welcomed their 18th child. The parents and all but three of the children posed for a newspaper photo that year. According to the caption, the 15 kids in the photo were named…

  • Carol, 17
  • Joseph, 15
  • Crawford, 13
  • William, 12
  • Margaret, 11
  • Raymond, 10
  • Geraldine, 9
  • Dorothy Ann, 8
  • Doris Joan, 7
  • Emily, 6
  • Dale, 5
  • Vernon, 4
  • Barbara, 3
  • Johnny, 2
  • Bruce, baby

What do you think the other three were named? (I have no idea about the genders.)

Which of the 15 names above is your favorite?

Source: “Mother Carey Has 18 Children Born in 18 Years.” Robesonian 16 Jan. 1951: 1.

3 thoughts on “New Jersey family with 18 children

  1. I like Crawford the best. And Dorothy Ann (my favorite nun at church is Dorothy Ann).

    Perhaps they have a Cheryl, Ricky, and a Paula?

  2. Doris Joan has style.
    Since it’s 18 kids in 18 years, it appears that the ones that would be 16, 14, and 1 are missing, unless there were twins in there somewhere. Linda and Sandra for girls; Charles and Kenneth for boys.

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