How did Eagle-Eye Cherry get his name?

"Save Tonight," Eagle-Eye Cherry

One of the big hits of the late 1990s was the catchy song “Save Tonight” by Eagle-Eye Cherry.

If you’re familiar with the song, you’ve probably also wondered about the intriguing name Eagle-Eye. Is it a stage name? Is it his real name?

Turns out it’s legit:

The moniker was given to him by his father, the late jazz trumpeter Don Cherry, just after baby Eagle-Eye was born. “I opened one eye and looked at him,” [Eagle-Eye] Cherry said.

He was born in Sweden in 1968 to an American father and a Swedish mother.

Source: Welborn, Jane. “Cool Weather Greets Friday at Five.” Greensboro News and Record 18 Mar. 1999: 4.

P.S. Eagle-Eye’s half-sister, Neneh Cherry, also had a hit song: “Buffalo Stance” (1988). The name Neneh — which Cherry inherited from her Sierra Leonean paternal grandmother — didn’t debut on the U.S. baby name charts when “Buffalo Stance” was on the U.S. music charts, though.

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