Baby name story: Amen

Photo of baby Amen Bow (b. 1953, Michigan).
Margaret and Amen Bow

In October of 1953, Margaret and Alexander Bow of Ypsilanti, Michigan, welcomed a 9-pound, 6-ounce baby boy. He was their 15th child.

He was named Amen because, as Margaret explained, “a large family is a blessing of the Lord.”

With the addition of Amen, they had eight girls (Winifred, Celia, Cora, Eva, Gertrude, Fathye, Gayle, and Hope) and seven boys (Richard, Frank, Gary, David, Daniel, Carl, and Amen).

Though Margaret noted that Amen probably wouldn’t be their last child — that “she expect[ed] to have several more babies” — it looks as though they did indeed conclude things with Amen.

Which is fitting, as amen is the word used to conclude religious prayers in Abrahamic religions. It ultimately comes from a Hebrew word meaning “certainly, verily.”


Image: © 1953 Jet

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