Baby born aboard steamship Martello, named Martello

I’ve collected hundreds of baby name stories from old newspapers over the years. So far, this one from 1853 is the oldest:

BIRTH ON BOARD A STEAMER. – A lady gave birth to a daughter while on board the steamer “Martello” on her way to Granton on Friday last. The “Martello” is a magnificent steam-ship at present plying between the Moray Firth and Edinburgh in room of the “Isabella Napier.” Mrs. Jago, the stewardess of the latter steamer, was on board the “Martello” at the time the “interesting event” occurred, and, with her well-known attention and kindness, did everything in her power to render the lady as comfortable as possible. The “Martello” arrived at Granton Pier on Saturday morning at four o’clock ; and we are happy to inform our lady readers that both mother and daughter are “doing well.” The child is to be named Martello Grant.

It comes from the July 12, 1853, issue of the Inverness Advertiser. (Inverness is in the Scottish Highlands.)

And, yes, it did bring to mind the the “blog” of “unnecessary” quotation marks. :)

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