A family full of R-names?

One of my readers recently told me that she’s expecting multiples. She already has a set of twins, each with an R-name, so she’s wondering: should the second set of multiples get R-names as well?

My first instinct was to write back and say “no.” Here’s why:

  1. Experts say that multiples ought to have distinctly different names.
  2. Giving each kid his or her own unique first initial makes it easier to label belongings (toys, backpacks, sports equipment).
  3. The kids already have a surname in common, so there’s no need to match other parts of the name as well.

That said, I do realize that many people like name patterns, and that breaking out of an established pattern could be difficult.

What would you suggest?

[Update: The poll is closed now. The final tally was: 69 votes for “no” (the R-name pattern should not continue), 17 votes for “yes” (the R-name pattern should continue).]

Please tell us why you voted the way you did in the comments.

6 thoughts on “A family full of R-names?

  1. I don’t mind a sibset with the same initials, as long as the names are different enough.
    Something like Rebecca, Robert, and Ruth is very different from Romy, Rory, and Roxy.

  2. That’s a lot of Rs. Maybe use a different initial for the 2nd set, if they feel compelled to match somehow.

  3. I didn’t realize that I had a “thing” for R names until the birth if my daughter Rauri. She has 2 older four-legged furry siblings, Rebel and Riley (and an older deceased furry brother Roby). Now I am constantly using the wrong names telling Rebel to get out of the spoon drawer or yelling at Rauri to stop barking. And r’s are just simply hard for a child to say. Rauri (age 2) calls herself Wo-wee. But I don’t regret my decision on my choice of names. I just like R’s.

  4. Would pick a different initial but if the first two have matching initials I might also have the second two having matching initials to be fair and consistent. Just not R.

    Or I might mirror-initial the second batch, like J.Z. and Z.J.

    Normally my only “match” is similar syllable count (I think Jane and Alexandrina feels unbalanced) and I feel that way for siblings in general not just a twin thing, but with the precedent set I would have to nod to it in some way.

  5. My sister and I both had B names. We just stuck in middle initials to differentiate on labeled stuff.

    I liked the idea of names that sort of match, but I didn’t want the same initials for my boys, so I went with two different names that end in -an and called it done.

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