“Y-Name Syndrome” in Sweden: Legit?

Watch out for Swedish men whose names end with -y.


Because Erik Segerborg and Mikael Söderström of the Stockholm School of Economics have shown that “y-name syndrome” — a widely accepted idea in Sweden that links men whose names end with -y (e.g. Ronny, Conny, Benny) to crime and poverty — has basis in fact.

We find that the y-name syndrome is empirically grounded; men with y-names are more likely to live in municipalities characterized by indicators of low socioeconomic status and are over-represented among criminals.

Here’s the rest of the abstract.

Source: Swedish study links names to criminality

2 thoughts on ““Y-Name Syndrome” in Sweden: Legit?

  1. Another worthless study with big press echo, performed by economists.

    They aggregated all males from ages 20–69. But it is a well-known fact, that younger males are more likely to be in prison the older ones, and that wealth increases with age. The authors just ignored the factor of age in their so-called study!

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