Which Van Buren sister name do like more?

The Van Buren sisters, Augusta and Adeline
The Van Buren sisters, Augusta and Adeline

While visiting the Sturgis Motorcycle Museum in South Dakota recently, I learned about motorcycling sisters Augusta “Gussie” Van Buren and Adeline “Addie” Van Buren — descendants of former president Martin Van Buren — who were the first women to ride across the continent on two solo motorcycles.

They set off from Brooklyn on July 4, 1916, and reached Los Angeles on September 8.

If you were having a daughter, and you had to name her either Augusta or Adeline, which would it be? Why?

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4 thoughts on “Which Van Buren sister name do like more?

  1. I kinda like Adeline and am neutral on Augusta except that I associate it strongly with the golf club. Not a good association for me.

  2. Definitely Augusta. It was my husband’s grandmother’s name and I like it for the family significance as well as for itself. Adeline is not my style. I don’t care for the -line ending, especially when it’s pronounced like the word “line.”

  3. Augusta by a mile. Adeline rhymes with Madeline to many, and there are enough baby Addys around.

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