Some recent celebrity babies…

Several high-profile women have given birth in the last few days. Here’s a rundown:

  • A baby girl was born to Drew Barrymore and her husband on September 26. Name: Olive Barrymore Kopelman.
  • A baby boy was born to Reese Witherspoon and her husband on September 27. Name: Tennessee James Toth.
  • A baby boy was born to Yahoo! CEO Marissa Mayer and her husband on September 30. Name: TBD.

Questions, so many questions…

How do you like the name Olive? Drew Barrymore was the voice Olive in the animated Christmas special Olive, the Other Reindeer — think that’s where she got it?

Do you like the name Tennessee? His two older siblings are Ava Elizabeth and Deacon Reese — do you like the sibset “Ava, Deacon, Tennessee”? Why or why not?

What boy name would you suggest to Marissa Mayer? (Her husband’s name is Zachary Bogue. I’m not sure what the baby’s surname will be.)

2 thoughts on “Some recent celebrity babies…

  1. I like Olive, but I was expecting something more unusual from Drew.

    Deacon and Tennessee fit better together; Ava seems the odd choice in this set to me. Plus, Tenn. has a different last name than the others.

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