What gave the baby name Jamarcus a boost?

Football player JaMarcus Russell
JaMarcus Russell

The name Jamarcus, which started popping up in the U.S. baby name data in the 1970s, saw a peak in usage in 2007:

  • 2009: 212 baby boys named Jamarcus [rank: 950th]
  • 2008: 276 baby boys named Jamarcus [rank: 796th]
  • 2007: 301 baby boys named Jamarcus [rank: 744th]
  • 2006: 206 baby boys named Jamarcus [rank: 920th]
  • 2005: 153 baby boys named Jamarcus


Because of football quarterback JaMarcus Russell.

After a successful three-season (2004-2006) college career at LSU, JaMarcus decided to forego his senior year in order to enter the 2007 NFL draft.

He was the No. 1 pick — selected by the Oakland Raiders — and expectations regarding his professional career were high.

But his performance in the league wasn’t up to to par, and the team released him in 2010. Today he’s considered a draft bust.

What are your thoughts on the name JaMarcus?

Source: JaMarcus Russell – Wikipedia

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