Baby name story: Bella

Two months ago, Lisa Barnaby of Ware, Hertfordshire, gave birth to her second daughter in a pub parking lot.

She and her husband Gavin were trying to get to the hospital, but heavy traffic forced them to stop at The Bell — a pub in Benington, Hertfordshire — and call an ambulance.

The baby didn’t want to wait, though. She ended up being delivered by paramedics there in the parking lot, in the back seat of Lisa and Gavin’s Vauxhall Zafira.

That night, someone from The Bell tweeted:

And call her Bella they did.

Mr Barnaby said naming their new baby after the pub was a good way of capturing Bella’s birth.

He said: “It will always be a reminder of that magical night.”

I wonder if the name Zafira was ever a contender.

Source: Parents name baby girl after The Bell pub in Benington

2 thoughts on “Baby name story: Bella

  1. I would have preferred Zafira Bell.

    I also can’t help thinking that they only “named her after the pub” because it could be turned into Bella, which they liked anyway – they wouldn’t have bothered if she’d been born at The King’s Head, The Royal Oak or The White Lion.

  2. Good point. This pub name just happened to be a letter away from a nice-sounding girl name, but would they have bothered to pay tribute to a pub with a less attractive name? Hm.

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