Colorado family with 12 children

Earlier today, my husband sent me an article about Dan and Susie Kellogg and their 12 children. The entire family, from Colorado, has lived in an RV full-time since last fall.

I was intrigued when I read that all 12 Kellogg kids have names ending in y. But the family blog, Kellogg Show, makes it clear that the Kellogg kids simply have nicknames ending in y:

  1. Kerrigan, “Kerry” (b. 1993)
  2. Graden, “Grady” (b. 1996)
  3. Broden Michael, “Brody” (b. 1997)
  4. Kadrian, “Kady” (b. 1998)
  5. Kendon Thomas, “Kenny” (b. 2000)
  6. Dallan Patrick, “Dally” (b. 2001)
  7. Carden David, “Cardy” (b. 2003)
  8. Madigan Grace, “Maddy” (b. 2005)
  9. Rowden Vincent, “Rowdy” (b. 2007)
  10. Emmelyn Trinity, “Emmy” (b. 2008)
  11. Ellevyn Noelle, “Elly” (b. 2010)
  12. Coby (b. 2012) – not sure if it’s a nickname

Did you catch Ellevyn for the eleventh child? That would’ve been a good one for an 11-11-11 baby.

Which of the given names above do you like the best? And, which nickname is your favorite?

Source: Family of 14 gives up everything to live in RV

7 thoughts on “Colorado family with 12 children

  1. Yup, more than a third sounds about right. I like that concluding paragraph:

    In short, the distribution of names is more diffuse but the distribution of sounds is more concentrated. We have new freedom in naming our children, and we use that freedom to conform.

    Thanks for the link!

  2. My dad grew up in a family of 8 and their nicknames were, in order, Mickey Ricky Terry Patty Katy Chrissy Kelly Glenn. None except Kelly and Terry still have the y at the end of their names now as adults, but back then, my grandmother just started at the beginning until she got to the one she wanted.

  3. I am one of ten children born over a twenty year period I myself am number 3 my name is Vienna Romany and my 6 sisters are called Yvlette Soran, Colemae Tru, Dalorca Norse, Juma Pey, Forgel Beve and Zuley Orch and my three brothers York Ocean, Reef Porda and Delany Zuse.

    Vee, Letty, Mae, Lori, Ju, Florry, Zu, Yorkie, Ree and Lenny

    We are all british sometimes I wonder about our mum and dad

  4. @vee

    Your story sounds like your parents just got a lot of children in order to give them creative names.

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