Texas quadruplets: Ace, Blaine, Cash, Dylan


On Valentine’s Day, Texas couple Manuel and Tressa Montalvo (and their 2-year-old son Memphis) welcomed four baby boys into the family.

This was no ordinary set of quadruplets, though. Tressa had given birth to two sets of identical twins.

The odds of that happening? About 1 in 70 million.

The first set of twins was named Ace and Blaine. The second set was named Cash and Dylan.

“We tried to stick to the A-B-C-D theme when naming them,” Tressa said. (So did Canadian couple J.P. and Karen Jepp, who named their quads Autumn, Brooke, Carissa and Dahlia.)

Do you like the names Ace, Blaine, Cash and Dylan?

If you were going to rename these babies and follow the same pattern, what four alphabetical boy names would you choose?

Source: Texas woman has 2 sets of identical twins

9 thoughts on “Texas quadruplets: Ace, Blaine, Cash, Dylan

  1. I’d just suggest replacing Ace with Adrian and Cash with Carson. Thus:
    Adrian, Blaine, Carson, Dylan

  2. I’d pick a different sequence, rather than starting with A.

    Percy, Quincy, Ryder, Sawyer

    Kayden, Liam, Marco, Nico

  3. I would rename them

    Augustin (Gus), Benedict (Ben), Constantine (Stan), and Deveroux (Dev)
    Arthur, Benjamin, Charles, Duncan

  4. I would never limit myself that way. But if I was offered $1 million for naming them with A-B-C-D names, then Arthur, Bram, Conrad, and Daniel

  5. Are we renaming those babies the names WE like best or what we would suggest to THESE Texas parents with a Spanish surname? (Parents who named their first son Memphis.)

  6. Um, those are still quadruplets. There were just two sets of identical babies within the quads. I know a family who has a set of quintuplets with two sets of two identical babies within the quintuplets. That doesn’t stop them from being quintuplets.

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