Top baby names in Hartlepool (England), 2012

These were the most popular baby names in the English borough of Hartlepool in 2012:

1. Charlie (4th in England/Wales) [tie]
1. Tyler (21st) [tie]
3. Jack (also 3rd)
4. Harry (1st)
5. Oliver (2nd)
6. Joshua (11th)
7. James (10th)
8. Isaac (30th)
9. Noah (14th)
10. Cole (151st)
1. Amelia (also 1st in England/Wales)
2. Ava (6th)
3. Lilly (33rd)
4. Grace (14th)
5. Hollie (54th)
6. Ruby (12th)
7. Scarlett (21st)
8. Olivia (2nd)
9. Emily (4th)
10. Lexi (46th)

No Millie or Kyle this time around, even though both were popular baby names in Hartlepool just five years ago.

The Hartlepool list is very different from the overall England and Wales list. One reason for this might be Hartlepool’s notably high rate of teen pregnancy. Younger mothers are a bit more likely to go for trendier, less traditional baby names.

Source: “Hartlepool’s most popular baby names revealed.” Hartlepool Mail 19 Aug. 2013.

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