Unusual name: Norman Conquest

Norman Conquest was an Australian man who lived from 1916 to 1968. He played soccer professionally during the ’40s and ’50s, and he must have played pretty well as he’s now enshrined in Football Federation Australia’s Hall of Fame.

One sports blog said: “The parents of [the] Aussie goalkeeper must’ve had a brilliant sense of humour (or more likely were drunk) when they thought up this great name.”

He shared his name, of course, with the original Norman Conquest, which began in 1066 when the Normans invaded England.

Norm’s team did play against England once, in 1951, but it definitely wasn’t a conquest:

On June 30th, in Sydney, on a water soaked ground, the Australian side suffered their worst ever loss in International football, 17-0, at the time a world record defeat.

Perhaps it was England’s revenge…

Source: Australia Vs England 1951 – Australian Online Football Museum

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  1. And I just happen to know… there is a fictional Norman Conquest as well. He was/is the hero in a crime fiction series by the author Berkeley Gray.


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